my first meme

Ooh, I feel so included!!! Okay, so I have no idea what a meme is (a noun? A name? A misspelling?)... I'm just making a futile attempt to fit in. Thanks, AmyJo for getting me started... Here goes!

Four (other) jobs I've had:
1. The prerequisite McDonald's high school job
2. Whatever they call the person who helps you at what used to be Mailboxes Etc.
3. Sales ass. (yeah, it's abbreviated, but I think it may be more accurate this way) at Mervyns
4. Computer lab aide @ Pima Community College (aka the girl who changed the paper in the printers)

Four little-known facts about me:
1. I seriously considered becoming a dental hygenist
2. I know how to milk a cow
3. I used to go by "Susie" and dot the "i" with a heart (oh, puke!)
4. I still have a hard time telling my Left from my Right (and I'm teaching America's future!)

Four city airports I have been to:
1. San Francisco
2. Belize City
3. Amsterdam
4. Paris

Four favorite male actors: (God, this could be embarrassing!)
1. The pre-hopping-on-Oprah's-couch Tom Cruise

2. Morgan Freeman
3. Adam Sandler (just ask Netflix !)
4. Ben Stiller

Four foods that I hate to love:

1. Fried _____
2. Cheetos
3. Navajo Tacos
4. Doughnuts (do those count under "Fried"?)

Four web sites (not blogs) I visit daily:

2. BabyFit
3. MyYahoo
4. KidsHealth

Four things I want to do before I die:
1. Teach for more than one year at the same school

2. Learn to swim well enough to get SCUBA certified
3. Run a marathon
4. Figure out how to put those cool links to stuff in the text of my blog like AmyJo and Lora. (Woo-hoo! I get to check that one off my list!)

Four people I'm tagging: (Oh crap, now everyone knows how lame I am.)
1. (There's gotta be someone I can think of...)
2. (Ummm...)
3. (Well, I could tag... No, she's already been hit...)
4. (Can I just go hide my head in shame now?)


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Lora said...

i don't know my right from my left either. i need to make an L with my hand. it is really funny to give me directions while i'm driving. even funnier for me to give them. my husband loves it. we fight about my handicap on a weekly basis. he just doesn't understand.