never judge dinner by it's picture.

We were very excited for dinner last night. Perfectly roasted slices of turkey breast in gravy, mashed potatoes with chives, sweet corn... mmmmm. The mashed potatoes were divine, the corn, perfection. We thought the turkey would be this:

What we got was this:

Ta-Da, faux-turkey! No individual slices of turkey breast in this package, no siree! This is what you get when you bake Grade Q-mushed-up-and-then-blended- to-make-sure-there-is-no-resemblance-whatsoever-in-consistency-to-meat "white turkey containing up to 23% of a solution of turkey broth, salt, sugar, sodium phosphates, and flavoring". Turkey flavoring, I'm sure. The gelatinous goo oozing across the *turkey* is the gravy. Yum and yum. Next time we'll shoot our own bird to make sure it's actually meat!



Jacqueline said...

gross. times 100. and that's all I have to say.

Lora said...

that looks like a diseased lung. thank god for digital cameras, i love what we can share these days. turkey lungs, urine jugs, you name it!

Elena said...

OK, so maybe I don't want to get on the "Blog Train"

Susan said...

C'mon, E, ya know ya wanna!!!!
(You don't have to share diseased lung & urine jug pictures if you don't want to.)