blogger saves readers

Boy, oh boy, internet, did you get lucky! I had a nice, long, fuming rant all ready to post when *poof!*, it disappeared. Recover Post only pulled up the beginning, leaving all the carefully crafted venomous spew somewhere out there in cyberspace. So if you go out there for the next couple of days, wear shoes.

In unrelated events, check out the company I'm keeping these days!

I may never get to be "Stacy's Mom", but if I keep hanging out with these hotties, maybe I'll get to keep my Cool Mom Club membership card. Oh, and don't you just love Little Guy's mohawk? 5 months old and already a rebel!



Jacqueline said...

dude, you are totally Stacy's mom!! Seriously. What a weird song. Poor Stacy.

Susan said...

See, now that's exactly why we keep you around -- you always know exactly what a girl WANTS to hear! Although, watching the video again, I'm not sure I totally want to be Stacy's mom... can I just be "Stacy's mom-esque"?!

Jacqueline said...

You can be "Stacy's mom-esque", "Stacy's mom-ish", "Stacy's mom-like" or any combination thereof. In fact, I propose a change. No longer shall the song be called "Stacy's Mom". It shall hereafter be known as "Little Guy's Mom." Or, to keep the syllable count correct, "L.G.'s Mom". Doesn't that have a nice ring to it?

"L.G.'s mom has got it goin' on." Oh yeah, that's perfect.

Iroha's mom said...

Do you know who I am?

I can tell you only one thing.
"I'm your Japanese sister."

Susan said...

Hitomi!!!! Hi! Can't wait to see you and Iroha in May!!!!!

Lora said...

you are definitely one of the hottest moms i know!
sorry i missed you the other day. it was one of those more difficult baby days!

Lenka said...

OK, so THAT's how to FISH for compliments!! Use the child!! Poor guy's going to think his only purpose in life is to make Mom look good. God forbid she has a bad hair day, he'll probably curl up in the fetal position and suck his thumb. Oh wait, that won't be so bad right now, but just wait 'til he's 18. That would make mom, oh, let's see, about 102. WAA HAA HAA (evil laugh)!! Oh well, at least he'll always have crazy Aunt Lenka to come visit and make him cookies and feed him ice cream sandwiches. Just wait Bubby, only 4 more weeks!!

Susan said...

And that's what I gots my peeps for!

(A white girl from Southwestern Colorado can have peeps, can't she?)

Jacqueline said...

I'm not sure she can have peeps. Unless you're talking about the pink and yellow chicken-shaped kind. Sorry. I think you're just stuck with having a good old-fashioned posse.