lost in transplant-ation

We had a great walk today, Little Guy and I. We got to hang out with two of our favorite people and two of our new favorite people. Little Guy and his Buddy did the dueling stroller thing, happily taking turns at reminding us that without 'em we adults probably wouldn't have ever met. I'm starting to wonder if Little Guy and his Buddy will ever get to know each other, though. They seem to be convinced that we'll get overloaded with the cuteness and/or crying if they're awake at the same time! Maybe they're just being generous to us -- allowing us to save up our energy for the day in the not too distant future when we will have to spend all our time chasing after them and whatever small critter/girl they have decided to cover with mud. And just wait until they rope Buddy 2 and Buddy 3 in on the action. Just to cover my bases, I want to issue a blanket apology to my dear new mommy friends. I know my son will probably get your son(s) in trouble. I'm sorry. I promise to reprimand him as firmly as I can. And keep a straight face. Without melting into a huge slobbery pile of mommy goo at his cuteness. Come on, could you resist this face?!!!

Oh, and by the way, he turned 5 months old this week. Happy Birthday, Little Guy!

Here's what struck me as we were out and about today: We may all live in the same country and speak (more or less) the same language, but there is an incredible range of culture to be had in the good ole US of A! Here's my illustration:

Woman at the dog park: You know this is a dog park, right?

Not being a native, here are the different ways that I heard this question:

Colorado translation: Yup, this here is one of those new-fangled areas where them citified folk bring thar dawgs. Reckon them dawgs don't get to do much cow herdin' in the city. Yup, so this here's a dog park.

Arizona translation: Yeah, so in California they've got these dog parks. Guess we should look into that, eh, bro? Maybe we could do the dog park thing in the desert. Like a giant dog sand box. Or maybe for cats. Yeah, a giant cat sand box.

California translation: Duuuude, this is a dog park. Like that is so cool and shit. Like this is a great place to come and hang and find your inner dog. Like be one with your inner dog, dude. Like all of nature should totally be a dog park.

Texas translation: Well, hot damn! This here's a dawg park. Ya'll really cain't be in this here dawg park without yur hound an' yur huntin' rifle. We'll shut that gate thar reeel easy like after ya'll git back to yur truck. Ya'll little ladies have a nice day now.

Thank goodness Amy was there to set me straight.

Philadelphia translation: You know this is a dog park, right?

BTW, when Amy moves to Atlanta this summer, ya'll better be good to her. Otherwise this Colo-zona-forn-xas-ania girl (isn't it clever how I can weave all the states I've lived in into one single, impossible-to-pronounce word?!) will have to come down there and open up a can of mostly-south-western whoop-ass on you 'uns. You. Ya'll. Yous. Whatever it takes to get the point across.


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Amy Jo said...

It's nice to know someone's got my back!