(Don't worry, the announcement is coming. Just a little set-up first.)

We went to the
zoo on Saturday. It was Little Guy's first trip un-utero. We saw the primates, the rare animals, a couple of hippos (more accurately, a couple of hippo tails), and some odd looking critter that looked like someone decided not to waste the spare parts of the other critters. We saw cheetahs. We saw giraffes. We saw chickens. And we managed to capture the entire afternoon with this:

Yessiree, that is the sole image we took to document our first-born's initial visit to the zoo.

And so, in an effort to prove that we don't truly SUCK. AS. PARENTS...

(Cue drumroll)

I will take at least one picture of Little Guy EACH AND EVERY DAY until such time as I feel that penance has been truly paid for our suckiness. Further, I will post one of those daily pictures here each night. So don't go getting all excited when you (the two of you who actually have me bookmarked) see that I have new material up. Chances are it will be a variation of this:

or this:

or this:

as those are the last three things we do each night and chances are good I'll have forgotten to get a damn picture before then.




Her Bad Mother said...

So, this is the most unoriginal and possibly uninteresting comment EVER, but... I think that we (and very possibly tens of thousands of other mothers with babies) have the exact same bedtime routine, complete with the nightly bathtime ducky-chomping ritual and conclusory blankie clutch.

Laughed, because I have versions of these very pictures. And they're great pictures.

moxiemomma said...

omg, the bottom, sleeping boy picture made my eyes explode from the cuteness!