pennance picture

There you have it. Please note that he's not in his jammies, not in his high chair, and not in the tub. It may never happen again, so it really is note-worthy.



Jacqueline said...

1st: His mohawk cracks me up!
2nd: Why not dress him in the same clothes, put him in the stroller and snap a couple of shots? He'll NEVER know he wasn't at the zoo.
3rd: I think the REAL pennance comes in when you haven't taken ANY pictures of the next child.

Lora said...

and it is still so cute! i haven't seen that baby awake for a long time- that has to change as soon as the weather breaks! those bath and jammy pics are the best, aren't they?

and you know i am a fan of the daily picture (seeing i have an entire blog for it), and i'm sure your family is too

Amy Jo said...

Cutie Pie!