i give up

I've been trying for a couple of weeks now to put together a post recounting the road trip my sister and I took to visit our other sisters. It's just not working. Either Little Guy needs my attention, or my computer crashes, or I forget what I'm in the middle of and by the time I remember I've forgotten where I was going with that particular rambling sentence. So I'll recap it this way:

We drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove (well, come on, it is a 12 hour drive!) and stopped to visit our aunt in North Carolina (link to the state, not the aunt. Come on, people, it shouldn't be that hard to keep up!). Got up the next morning and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove (only 9 hours this time) to Lenka's in AL. And let me tell you, that Front Porch was a grand thing to see!

After much talking, giggling, eating, giggling, talking, eating, giggling, giggling while eating, talking while eating, talking while giggling (resulting in snorting which led to more giggling and snorting), we went to bed. Got up the next morning to do it all again. And again. And again. Five glorious days of giggly nothingness before we got back in the car for the driving. Oh, the driving!!!

The Queen got to spend a few more days with us here in Philly before she caught her flight to Germany, so we got in a bit more giggling, eating, and talking. Because neither of us had done enough of that already. Funny, we weren't inclined to do anymore driving.

But here is what you really logged on to see...

PICTURES!!!! I'll put as many of 'em up as Blogger/my compter will allow before crashing, then come back tomorrow to give ya the rest! (I think I owe something like 30 for my pennance!)



5/17 Sink bath!

5/18 Hanging out at the Sonic on the way to AL

5/20 First bite of ice cream... Thanks, Aunt Lenka!

5/21 Gator ride with Mommy, Aunt Lenka, Aunt Jacque, & Cousin E

5/21 In the back of the Gator with the cousins

(Having worked on this for the past 3 hours and still not being able to get the rest of the pictures to load, I quit. For now. More pics when I don't hate my computer again!)


Mom101 said...

Is there anything cuter than a baby in glasses? Well, only your baby in glasses.

Did you get to eat some delicious margarine while you were there?

Susan said...

Sorry for the delay in responding... technology & I, we are a fightin'!

I missed the delicious margarine while in NC, much to my dismay. I'm sure the girls at the Sonic are still talking about those two Yankees that came through that "din't wont may-o-naze on thar cheese bugahs! No may-o-naze! Can ya'll buleeve it?"

Her Bad Mother said...

OK, THESE photos are even cuter than the ones above, OMG. Sleeping baby, baby in shades, TOO CUTE>

Susan said...

:), Thanks! I'm secretly plotting to wow WonderBaby with pictures until she can't resist meeting my Little Guy (yup, I'm under her spell!)... is she currently taking applications for minions? I know I'm biased, but I think he may just be cute enough to join the ranks!