i'm so nervous i squeak when i breathe

Tomorrow's the big day. Little Guy's first plane trip. Please pray (or whatever it is you do) that we don't turn out to be "those people". I don't want to be "those people". Is it wrong to bribe your child with snacks and flashy-light-up toys so that you don't become "those people"?


s'mores, anyone?

Cuz, he really needs more sugar...

We've been in the market for a travel bed for Little Guy and found this online. We've given it a trial run the last couple of days and I think it's going to work really well... should have a better idea after we get back from the River City.

(Sorry for the lame post -- Little Guy has decided that 4 am is ideal playtime. I'm still working on an effective way to communicate how NOT OKAY that is. Ideas? Suggestions? )


dear sammy,

Happy 5 month birthday, buddy! Mommy's really been slacking on updating this blog, so I thought she wouldn't mind if I wrote you a quick birthday letter. How are you guys doing in Atlanta? It seems like such a long time since you moved. Mommy says it's only been a month, but I keep reminding her that when you're our age a month is a really long time! Anyways, I hope you are having lots of fun in your new house.

I really miss you guys. Mommy still takes me out for walks, but it's just not the same as when we would all go together. Since your mommy isn't there, she talks to me all the time while we're out. I love her and all that, but sheesh! Part of the reason I liked going on our walks was that it gave me a break. I could just hang out in the stroller and look at stuff and think. Now I have to listen to her THE WHOLE TIME. Sometimes we go out in the jogging stroller and Mommy runs. She's not nearly as fast as Daddy -- now THAT's fun!-- but at least we get done quicker. The worst is when she wants to go to Target. Usually I try to fall asleep before we even get there so I don't have to pretend like I have an opinion on which stain remover she should get. Really, Mommy, I don't care. I make the stains. It's your job to get them out. DIVISION OF LABOR. It's really not a hard concept.

Anyways, I thought since it's your birthday I could write you a letter and give you a heads up on some of the things you can expect to happen (soon, if not already!). First of all, you know how cool things look when you're on your back?
(I personally hate being on my tummy, but I hear that some kids like that. I'm gonna stick with what I know.) How you can see just about everything and if you reach out far enough, you can usually touch it and grab it and pull it to your mouth and chew on it? (BTW, don't do that with socks. You never know whose socks they are and trust me, man, if you happen to get ahold of Daddy's socks? NOT GOOD. That's all I'm saying.)

Well, as much as that rocks, you've gotta try it sitting up. It's unbelievable how much easier it is to get into stuff when you're sitting up! You can lean over in ALL DIRECTIONS(and trust me, your parents will have NO IDEA how far you can reach. They'll put stuff at a "safe distance"... HAH! Sometimes I just play with them and see how many times I can make them move stuff back. A little bit further, a little bit further, a little bit further... ahh, good times.)! And when you get really good at it, you can twist around and get stuff behind you, too. It's amazing.

But don't stop there. When you get good at the leaning, you can actually lean so far forward that you wind up on your tummy. If you put your hands and legs out, sorta at your sides, you can push with them on the ground and guess what? YOU CAN MOVE!

Remember all those times you had to squeal for your mommy to come and get a toy that you couldn't quite reach? Or when the cat is just sitting there, just out of range, with that smug-ass look on it's face? Now you don't have to wait for someone else to take care of things. Just make sure you watch for the expression on your mommy's face when you do it for the first time. Priceless. A word of warning, though, it can get really frustrating when you're first starting out. Sometimes your hands and feet just won't do what you want them to. That's when I pucker up my face and let out a yowl. Usually that's enough for Mommy to get the idea that I'm not having a good time anymore. But be careful how often you use that tactic. I think they get immune to it after a while and then they start saying stuff like "I know you're frustrated, honey, but if I do it for you all the time, you'll never figure it out on your own." Where do they get that crap?

Now, about the food. Mommy says that you're starting to eat solids. Isn't that the greatest?! I just have a couple of tips so that you can get the most out of your new dining experiences. First of all, it looked like (in your picture) you were grabbing the spoon to help your mommy get it into your mouth. Good. That's really, really good. Work on getting a really good grip on it. Then, when you've got that down, try pulling it from side to side. The first time it'll probably catch your mommy off guard enough that you can actually pull the spoon from her hand. If you don't get it free the first time, keep trying. I'd recommend that you pace yourself -- the more often you try in the same feeding, the more likely it is that your mommy will figure out what you are doing and brace for it. I think it's better to spread your attempts out over several feedings. When you do get it free (and this is quite possibly the best part), swing it wildly from side to side. You'll be absolutely amazed at how far you can fling that cereal. Again, watch for the expression -- the mingling of shock, horror and pride on your parents faces is something not to be missed! Unfortunately, they seem to catch on to this game pretty quickly and will try all kinds of diversionary tactics. I'd say let them win on that front. There are still plenty of other ways to get the cereal spread about the room! My favorite? You know those raspberries that they think are so cute? Try one of those with a mouthful. Actually, I'd save that one until you've got a mouthful of something like carrots or peaches. Green beans are a good choice, too, but the orange foods leave a better stain in the long run. Regardless, it's AWESOME!!!

Okay, I guess I better go for now. I've got some new tricks that I've been practicing (don't worry, I'll pass them all on to you once I get the kinks worked out), and it seems like I do my best practicing in my sleep. (Which, btw, is hilarious. You'll really freak them out when you practice stuff in your sleep! Try the sitting up with your eyes closed first. Gets 'em every time!)

I hope you have a great day. One word of warning, though: if they try to give you your own bowl of ice cream, DON'T STICK BOTH HANDS IN IT. It does make the most wonderful mess as it melts and oozes between your fingers, but the pain that you will feel as your hands start to freeze just isn't worth it. Trust me, I know.

Happy Birthday!
Little Guy