i'm so nervous i squeak when i breathe

Tomorrow's the big day. Little Guy's first plane trip. Please pray (or whatever it is you do) that we don't turn out to be "those people". I don't want to be "those people". Is it wrong to bribe your child with snacks and flashy-light-up toys so that you don't become "those people"?



Valerie & Quang said...

Bribe away! I am sure your will have an easy flight and Aaron will be a wonderful little man and make you proud. Just make sure to bring lots of snacks for him.

Lora said...

Bribing is okay. And appreciated by the other passengers.

SheBear said...

The way I see it, there are two types of people in the world. To half of them, you are ALREADY those people simply because you dare to bring a (possibly cranky, squirmy, noisy, smelly, drooly, utterly adorable) child onto a plane where their naps/meditation/navel contemplation might be disturbed.

The other half (which is the vastly larger half, and what that says about my math skills? I know. Shut up.)

Where was I....? Oh, that other...er...portion. They have all BTDT, or they someday hope to, or they are just lovely reasonable intelligent people who are able to see, if not completely (because no one can, fully!) then at least a glimmer of the brilliance that is your child!

To the first half, I say tell them where they can stick their carry-on. To the second half, enjoy the opportunity to graciously share the joy that is my nephew with an appreciative audience. Bask in the oohs and ahhhs, because you deserve much of the credit for them! :)

Oh, and bribe away....it will be good practice for the intense negotiations that will begin at around 18 months....

Also, just a bit of unsolicited advice (because I'm generous that way!) make sure to stimulate his sucking reflex during take-off and landing. Bottle, pacifier, whatever he'll take. It will help with the ear popping.

For me and my brood, landing is worse than take-off, so I try to time it so that they are ready to really nurse (not just snack) from the time we start descent until we are firmly on the ground.

Ward said...

Not wrong whatsoever. Do all the bribing you can.