are you being served?

Walking through our fair city this morning, I encountered this:

Yup, a genuine plaster butler. But what caught my attention was this:

So now what I want to know is: Was it so good that this is the last one?

Or was it so bad that someone put it back?



Lenka said...

better question yet... Where are the hidden cameras?

That's too funny. I'm glad that you keep your camera handy!! If it had been me, I'd have had to go back for the camera and then as I finally got everything focused, a crow would have swooped in and... well, you know!!

Valerie & Quang said...

Tasty! He is one sexy dude too.

Jacqueline said...

I don't know the answer to those questions. All I do know is that that cracker looks YUMMY!!! I would eat it. and then lick the platter. hmmmm maybe I should go make dinner.