my, how you've grown!

Happy 9-month Birthday, Little Guy!



Lenka said...

Obviously, SOOOO obviously, THE LOVE (refer to your previous post) is in THIS post!!! OMGosh he's gorgeous, and to think, I HELPED bring him into this world. DAMN I'M GOOD!!! BTW, the 14th picture should be mailed to some agent in Hollywood or something. That picture is to die for!! Give him a hug for me!!

Lora said...

happy birthday little guy!

Amy Jo said...

Ummmm, is that a Termini Bros carrot cake? Luckiest. Boy. Ever!

Happy Birthday buddy! Glad you like your frog!

Susan - is it weird to think that he has now been alive outside of your body as long as he was inside?

Susan said...

Amy, yup, only Termini's will do! And he loves his frog!! (I suck. You're thank-you for it and the other goodies goes in the mail tomorrow.)

I think what amazes me is that we've managed to do no significant harm in the nine months he's been on the outside... keeping him fed and warm and safe was sure a lot easier when all I had to do was complain about backaches and the constant need to pee!!! But he's a lot cuter now, don't ya think? ;)

Valerie & Quang said...

Happy 9 Month B-day! Just think in some cultures you are already 18 months old.