surely we stinkith

You know the old adage about fish and houseguests... how they should be tossed out after 3 days? Well, we stayed 9. Is there a traditional "Thank you so much for feeding, chauffeuring, and housing us so graciously despite the broken dish, the spilt milk koolaid soda water everything-my-hands-came-in-contact-with, the towel-bar that came out of the wall, and the voraciousness with which my 8-month-old ate EVERY BANANA IN THE HOUSE" gift? Somehow sending a bouquet seems inadequate!

Little Guy did really well on the trip, despite my angst and anxiety. He was a bit anxious before the first flight. Apparently a hovering, neurotic, hyperventaliting, hand-wringing, squeaky-breathing, didn't-sleep-the-whole-night-before-and-now-looks-like-she-just-rose
-from-the-dead mother will do that to sensitive conscious babies. Once we got in the air and I calmed down, he was great! No ear popping, no sensitivity to the take-off or landing. He played with his new light-up toy for a bit, then gave us a meaningful yawn, stuffed blankie into his mouth and snored most of the way to Detroit. There was a cute little 11-month-old in the row behind us on the flight from Detroit to San Antonio. What exactly constitutes as a date when you're less than a year old? Do shared ravioli's, Gerber fruit puffs, and peeking at each other between/over the seats count as dinner and a movie? If so, we probably should have introduced ourselves to the mother of the bride. Mile-high etiquette... it's so subtle!

Once we got to San Antonio, the fun just kept rolling. Little Guy grinned from the moment he saw the munchkins, proudly flashing his two (count 'em, two !) new teeth. By the end of the week it was hard to tell where the 8, 5, and 2 year olds began and the 8-month old ended. I grinned from the moment we got to the house and J and I picked up right where we left off when they came to visit us in Philly last August. Heaven must be something very much like having another adult around to talk with / run interference / bounce ideas off of ALL DAY LONG!!!! And, J makes chocolate chip cookies. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. For a week I wallowed in the glory of adult conversation and chocolate chip cookies. I defy you to describe anything more heavenly than that!!!

It was hard to get on the plane to come home. Not because of where we were headed or where we were -- I was surprised how much I missed Philly and can't begin to imagine myself back in Texas -- but because of who we were with. True friendship... okay, so a week of adult conversation and chocolate chip cookies is slightly less glorious than that!

So where are the pictures, you ask? Yeah, we managed to take exactly none. NONE. ZERO. ZIPPO. SQUAT. So we suck. Then again, I'd like to meet the person who can hold a camera and keep up with 4 turbo charged munchkins. I've got a hat or two I'd like to take off and lay at their feet!



Amy Jo said...

Glad to hear Little Guy was so cooperative on the plane. Sam was as well. Maybe they talked the night before and made their game plan. Glad to have you back!

Lenka said...

Wow!! I certainly hope, and it seems quite likely, that he didn't inherit those CRRRRAAAAZY genes. I KEEP telling you that you're a great Mom, and since I'm THE Big SISTA, you have no choice but to believe me. You just gotta quit worrying so much and just relax. You have a wonderful child. (thankfully he seems to take after Aunt Lenka in the "laid back and flirting on the plane" department. GOOOO little guy!!) And he's just gonna keep making you/us proud!!

Luv ya, EE

P.S. on the other hand, the (and I quote) "psychotic, hovering, neurotic, hyperventaliting, hand-wringing, squeaky-breathing, didn't-sleep-the-whole-night-before-and-now-looks-like-she-just-rose-from-the-dead mother" thing makes for some great reading. So...