i'm all out of rant.

I had a good one all set up to publish when my computer ran out of juice. Yes, it gave me plenty of warning. Yes, I chose to ignore it. I fought the bar and the bar won. Now I'm just too tired to make even the most half-assed of attempts to recreate it. So I'll just summarize:

  1. The boy was cranky today and rightfully so. Rub your gums with the edge of a razor blade and tell me it doesn't piss you off just a bit. While your at it, scratch your ass with a rusty hunk of steel wool and then sit on a cactus. Teething sucks.
  2. When you plan an event, please include such information as time and age of the invitees. It just makes it easier for everyone to plan.
  3. Don't try to pass off an old, dried up hunk of toothpaste as a mint. Mints are supposed to be comforting. This could loosely be defined as a lozenge, but I think it's more accurate to categorize anything that makes you want to claw out your tongue as a weapon of mass destruction. I don't care if it takes the edge off the tuna breath. Shame on you, Starkist.
That's what I have. Now it's time for bed before the joy of the rising sun signals that we get to get up and do it all over again. Hurrah.



Jacqueline said...



Does that help?

Anonymous said...

All the little guy needs is some Sammy to distract him from his ailing gums!

Lenka said...

I know everyone else MEANS well with their sympathy and hugs, but we ALL know that us Suth-un-uh's have the monopoly on the cure all. I'm just sorry I couldn't get to you sooner. Anyway, here it is, just sit back while I speak the spell, then relax, and be well...

"Bless your Heart, can I fix you something to eat?"

Now, don't you feel all better?

Mom101 said...

Hilarious! I mean...I'm so sorry for your pain and I hope things get better soon.

But seriously? As someone with a daughter cutting molars right now? That razor blade analogy is spot-on.