new! improved! better gas mileage! fresh lemony scent!

Same basic contents, all purdy'd up.

I was never truly happy with the title and got tired of looking at the same template, so the decision was made to change the blog. I'm thinking the new title will serve as a more accurate lable for the daily drivel that somehow manages to make the oft-interrupted ("Sweetie, let's NOT pull the kitty's tail, hmmm?" "Where are you? You're waaaayyy too quiet!" "Holy crap! It only took you 7 seconds to get all the way up the stairs this time!") trip from my head to my keyboard intact. Stay tuned. This could get very interesting.

Other news-worthy items of the weekend:
I am the proud new co-manager of a fantasy football team. Yup, I, the one who thought the whole point to football was to grab the ass of the cute guy I sat next to in senior history (and then promptly lost interest in the whole sport when I found out he was very much NOT interested in the grabbing of the ass) under the watchful eye of Big Guy, will now be joining the masses singing "dun-dun-du-dun" on Monday nights. We went with the free Yahoo version (made for the simple folk. Really. Because up 'til about 3pm today I truly thought the field was only 50 yards long. Never mind the fact that the 50 yard line is in the middle of the field. So I've got plenty to learn.) This year we'll manage together... next year I'll take him to school. Ahhh, less than 12 hours into it and already talking smack. Should be a lot of fun!

This weekend I vocalized my intent to be ready to run in the Broad Street Run next May and (depending on my performance!) the PDR next September. Me and my big mouth...

Thinking about cutting my hair. Or coloring it. Maybe just a pedicure.

There you have it. CBS gets Katie Couric, Brooke gets an apology from Tom, Iran gets a meeting with the UN(maybe), Labor gets a day off, and the 'logues get a facelift. Lots of stuff, people. And just a touch of nonsense.


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Lenka said...

DUUUUUDDE, that's just too cool!! I really like it. Does the fact that,(after having seen this wonderful facelift,I have no desire to change mine, mean that I'm getting old and loosing that competitive "sister" spirit?

Oh well, I'm ok with that.

Hey, I've gotta go, My parole officer needs to use the computer!!