quick, show me something pink!

It has begun. Already I feel a quickening. Little flutters and strange sensations; I can feel it growing minute by minute. Delicate and new. Soft and tenuous. Too small to see, yet, but it's there. Oh yes, it's definitely there.

Chest hairs. Three of them, I think. A product of the new testosterone laden environment that I now dwell in.

Thursday night I actually sat and watched an entire football game. I now know such things as "at the line of scrimmage the center snaps the ball to the quarterback who then looks to advance the ball down the field, generally by passing it to an eligible receiver" and "the defensive end trys to rush the quarterback on passing plays", and "football players sure do like to pat each other on the ass alot". Our defense played rather well the first half, but decided to take a nap or read the paper or something during the second half. Thankfully the team that we are playing has Minnesota's defense (I'd link 'em, but I have to go get the latest Flash player and that would require shutting down everything and I do so hate stopping when Blogger seems to be cooperating. Linky-links can wait), so Miami could have chosen not to show up at all and we still would have come out ahead.

Today we watched for our offensive players. Donte Stallworth (one of our hometown "Iggles") did us proud, scoring a total of 13 points for our team (I'm still a bit confused as to how he actually did that... something about there being a difference between "running" and "receiving". All I know is he moved really fast. And caught the ball. And he's kinda cute.) Apparently we had other players playing on other teams today as well as Big Guy kept pointing to the little ticker thingy at the top of the screen and saying profound things like "Blah-de-blah just blah-de-blahed. That's our guy.", and "Blah-de-blah! That's blah-de-blah and he just blah-de-blah-blah-blah. So we blah-de-blah.", and "Remember when we blah-de-blah-de-blahed about the blah-de-blahs? Well, that's him. He's our blah-de-blah." At one point he jumped up and held out his hand for a high five. I have to admit he scared me a little.

We'll know the final outcome of the game tomorrow night. Right now Big Guy reports that we're "up 46-0". So, I'll post the final score when I figure out which numbers refer to our team (as opposed to all the other numbers that keep showing up on the screen. Which reminds me, I'm thinking of taking up a collection for the NFL. Apparently they need new clocks. Can you believe it takes 1 1/2 hours for them to reach half time? Each quarter is supposed to be 15 minutes, people. I think they need new batteries.) For now I must head up to bed. I need an extra 5 minutes (non-NFL minutes) to tend to the new growth. And by tending I mean plucking. Tomorrow night I'm watching with a girly drink in one hand and my toenail polish in the other. I may even mask.

Oh, and this rocks. Seriously.


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