hi! remember me?

It's been quiet around here lately. Totally my fault and I feel as if an explanation of sorts is in order. Along with all the typical "we've been busy" and "where does the time go" type excuses, the general atmosphere has been heavy. That dull, angst ridden, isolated, screaming-silently-in-the-back-of-my-closet kind of heavy. And while I know in my head that it would probably be better to get all that sludge out of my head and GET SOME HELP, I don't like to face the clouds. Hell, I don't even like to admit that there are clouds. It's much easier to glop on a big, happy grin, throw up a few nonsense posts and wait for the storm to pass. The sun is starting to peek through, though, so I'm climbing back out from under my rock for a much needed stretch. And a shower. The funk has got to go.

Where to start, where to start... I guess the last REAL post was pre- Amy's visit, so let's play catch-up from there.

Big Guy did us proud in the PDR, finishing 2264th out of 11,119 runners (well into the top 25%!)

Here's the one shot that I managed to get:

No, not the guy in the center of the picture. To the right. A little further. Further. Past the guy in the Belgium T-shirt. There behind the camo hat. Squint. That's his eyebrow, and in the back there you can see his shoulder. FYI: It's not a good idea to hand me your camera to capture life-moments.

Little Guy got mobile, too:

Amy's visit was nothing short of having Christmas come early. For me the beauty of our friendship is reflected perfectly in our boys:

a quiet, comfortable friendship filled with the joy of sharing.

The month of October passed quickly, but quietly.
We enjoyed some quiet time at home,

snuggled after boo-boos,

took a trip to the zoo with Cait,

and recharged after a long days of practicing and exploring.

We found a new hobby and a new addiction and got a little devilish.

Then we finished up the month with the sweetest treat of all --
good time with great friends!

Hey, how
you doing?


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Anonymous said...

I'm glad the clouds are starting to lift. I know the place where you are and know how difficult it can be to work your way out. You know I am always here to talk, any time at all.

And also, WOOOOO! Big Guy! Awesome finish!

And another thing: Little Guy is the cutest little devil I've ever seen!