the "i'm still too full of turkey and too tired from the car trip to think of a clever title, but i'm still going post this" post


First things first, Little Guy's 1st birthday was a smashing success.

As in cake smashing.

Exactly what you might expect of a crowd of not-quite-one-year-olds when presented with their very own domes of delicious sugary goodness! I'm in trouble from the after-effects, but my guess is that I'll get to learn all about sugar-shock first hand in December and March. (Payback's a bitch, right, girls?)

The kiddos and their respective tall people played nicely together all afternoon, getting Little Guy's second year off to a joyous, memorable start.
Lots of love, laughter, and way more loot than any
kid his size will ever figure out what to do with.

Thanks to all of you who celebrated with us, both in person and in spirit!

The next morning, Big Guy did us proud in the Philly Marathon. It was cold out(see the temperature at the bottom of the screen? Brr! No wonder everyone is running!), so we were glad he busted his butt to get the job done in under 4 hours.

Monday morning we hopped into the car for the 8 1/2 hour trek to North Conway, New Hampshire for some much needed r&r.

The label says "Cream Soda".

Our stay at the White Mountain Hotel and Resort was delightful. The room was cozy, the staff was warm and welcoming,

and the food was divine.

We drove back on Friday. 9 1/2 hours later, we were pretty sure we understood the true blackness of Black Friday.
Make it stop!

Today we made our weekly trek up to the Art Museum to meet with Big Guy's running group (because, really, 26.2 miles in one week just isn't enough). After a quick lunch, a shower and a nap at home, we went back to Fairmont Park to meet with the amazing artist who delighted us in May with her ability to capture and translate Little Guy's spirit on film.

Golden sunlight, crisp air, and indescribable happiness created the perfect backdrop for the perfect afternoon. Waiting for the proofs to be posted is going to be a lot like waiting for Christmas!



Girl con Queso said...

These photos are fantastic. What beautiful little people!

Susan said...

Thanks! It's a good crew to hang with :).

(Ohmigod, Girl Con Queso visited ME?! Did you all see that? Did you? DID YOU?)