Because we're certainly not above bribery:

Should the jolly old man head down our chimmney,
he'll be greeted with:

Homemade sugar cookies, gingerbread men,
and Russian tea cakes, plus some white chocolate
and cinnamon sugar coated pretzels.

To warm his fingers:

A special house blend of whole(!) milk,
shaved chocolate, and just a touch of vanilla.

We didn't forget the furry, four-footed types, either:
A little sumpin' sumpin' for everyone!

Merry Christmas to you who celebrate tomorrow,
Happy Holidays to you who don't,
and a Joyous New Year to everyone!



Big Guy figured out how to save The Video from our palmcorder to the computer, so without further ado, here it is!

*All the image stabilization features in the world can't fix a thumb that hasn't yet mastered the zoom. Dramamine, anyone?
**Oh, and the end? I have no idea what that was all about. So, yeah, sorry. I'm still working on the whole editing thing!
***And apparently I didn't learn from LG's birthday videos not to talk while filming. Sigh. Spielberg I'll never be.
****And now I'm done with the disclaimers. Enjoy the movie!


it's the hap-happiest season of all

I found this little nugget over at Second Effort this morning and it immediately brought me back from the Bah!Humbug! mood that I woke up in after yesterdays nonsense. And, in the spirit of giving and sharing, here are two more that are currently on the endless loop soundtrack in my head.
Click here!
And here!
Truly gifts that keep on giving and giving and giving and giving...


it's the most (wonderful?) time of the year

The world has gone insane. Mad. I can't even come up with words to describe the asininity. My eyeballs are exploding, every braincell in my head is screaming.

I received an email today instructing me of my "Christian duty" to respond to any one who wishes me "Happy Holidays" with "Blessed Merry Christmas". What? WHAT? W.H.A.T? For the love of Pete, are you kidding me? There is an actual debate on the merits of "Happy Holidays" vs. "Merry Christmas". Debate, people. Because apparently there is nothing more important to take up our time and energy as the peace-filled, abundant, happiness-and-sunshine-with-all-the-birdies- singing-and-cute-little-bunnies-dancing-gaily-around-in-fields-of-sunflowers year of 2006 draws to a close. Boycotts have been called for based on the verbiage with which we greet each other as we shop, conceivably, for gifts for family and friends. "The War on Christmas", it's being called. Because apparently when you wish someone "Happy Holidays" you might as well launch a grenade through their living room window and eat the carcasses of their children.

"Put Christ back into Christmas!" the email screamed at me. Okay, fine. Let's do exactly that. So tell me, WWJD? (To anyone who hasn't walked into a coffee shop since, oh, 1982, that stands for "What Would Jesus Do") Imagine the Son of God, on the eve of the day when His birth is celebrated being greeted by some poor, frazzled soul who has just spent the last 8 hours scanning 17,000,000,000,000,000,005 rolls of holographic wrapping paper.

"Happy Holidays," PFS greets the Lord and Saviour.

"HAPPY HOLIDAYS?" responds the Only Begotten. "How dare you greet me in such an innocuous manner? Don't you know who I am? Tremble, fool, tremble! I've seen you hit the delete button on all those pass-this-on-or-God-won't-know-you're-still-on-His-side emails! You dare to wish me Happy Holidays? The wrath of the Lord upon your head, sinner. The wrath! AND A BLESSED MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU."
Or perhaps the Son of man would simply smile and respond, gently and sincerely,"And to you", moving on to something, oh, worthwhile.

I just can't wrap my mind around this absurdity. How does my wishing someone else the happiness and joy that I feel at this time of year undermine my own beliefs? Are there actually people out there who are unaware that there are other religions celebrating their own Holy Days at the very same time as Christian Holidays are being celebrated? Note the similarities in the bolded-italicized words? Ahem. THEY MEAN THE SAME THING.

Kwanzaa, Chanuka, Christmas, National Pie and Eat a Red Apple Day ... my wish is for you and yours to have a happy one. To find joy in being together. To reflect on the good of the past year. To resolve for better in the year to come. Peace on Earth, goodwill to men. Laughter and love. You know,



Offset the time you've wasted reading my drivel by checking this out:

Her Bad Auction

It's holiday shopping without the maul mall!

Go ahead, reset your karma! You're sure to love the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with sharing your wealth (in $1-$5 increments) and the universe will thank you for it! And. AND! You might even win something! Who doesn't love that?

Want to get the short people involved, but don't want to clean up the mess of smashed piggy banks? Share Tanner's story with them, then encourage them to write him a letter. All the info is at the auction site, so click, click, click your way through your second cuppa joe. It'll warm you from the inside out.

Bad karma can really screw with the 'do!



Well, I wanted to use footage from the Panasonic Palmcorder that we finally came to terms with needing, but as of yet I can't figure out how to transfer the movies from it to the computer. Sigh. Which wouldn't be a huge deal except that we FINALLY got our act together and were prepared before one of Little Guy's "firsts"... no restaging or coaxing needed. In our shiny new video camera lives the most wonderful footage we could have taken -- Little Guy's initial reaction to the newly decorated and lit Christmas tree. It's breathtaking. It's all you could possibly imagine. The wide-eyed wonder, the somewhat timid approach, the irrestible urge to reach out and touch it, the grin of unparalleled delight when no one tells him "no". It's all there, better than I could have ever designed and I have no way of sharing it.

Quite simply, WTF, Panasonic? What were your engineers thinking? That somehow the cuteness of the mini-discs would distract us from the fact that we can't DO ANYTHING with our films? Or that the snugness of the handstrap would help us forget that our precious memories are TRAPPED IN THAT DAMN CAMERA? Never fear, we will find a way. Mr. Panasonic may have to visit us in person, but the footage will be shared. Just not now. For this post we will return to the imagry of our safe and reliable (albeit only 30 seconds of recording time) Canon Powershot.

Take your motion sickness pills and buckle up! There's no image stabilization on these videos:

What the well dressed staircase is wearing this year...

The rest of the way up...(to the kitchen. Okay, so we live in a treehouse.)

And now for the still shots:

On the banister

Across the living room

By the chimney with care...

Oh, Christmas tree! Oh, Christmas tree...

Reserved for Santa

Dazzled yet?


a meme with a holiday theme

Eggnog or hot chocolate?
Mmmm, hot chocolate.
Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
No extra work for Santa! The wrapped presents were always from friends or family.
Colorful lights on tree/house or white?
Growing up it was always colorful lights. I've gone back and forth since it's been all up to me. Last year we got a pre-lit tree that only has white lights, so I guess that'll be it for a while. Big Guy makes the decisions on how the outside is decorated.
Do you hang mistletoe?
No, but I'm not sure why.
When do you put your decorations up?
As soon after Thanksgiving as I can get to it!
What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
Ann's squash casserole
Favorite holiday memory as a child?
Sledding on the West Road (hey sibs, can you believe the changes in the farm?!) until our fingers were so cold that they hurt when we finally came in to warm them by the fire.
When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
I really don't know, but I'll bet I know who.
Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
Growing up we didn't. Big Guy's family always opened one gift from a family member. We've gone back and forth on that tradition... guess we've got some holiday decisions to make before Little Guy catches on that we don't know what we're doing!
How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
A little differently every year. Stay tuned for this year's endeavor*...
Snow! Love it or leave it?
Can you ice skate?
Does it count if I'm on my butt 90% of the time?
Do you remember your favorite gift?
My "Christina" doll.
What is your favorite holiday dessert?
Pumpkin pie
What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Decorating the tree and checking out the lights around town.
What tops your tree?
Poor Santa*... :)
(well I guess the story is about the angel, but I still think of it every year when I decorate the tree!)

Which do you prefer giving or receiving?
That's a toss-up!
What is your favorite Christmas song?
Winter Wonderland
Candy Canes! Yuck or yum?
Christmas tree real or fake?
I used to be a real-tree snob, but who wants to carry a real tree up all those stairs*?!
What is your favorite holiday movie?
A Christmas Story
What are you most thankful for this Christmas season?
The sparkle in Little Guy's eyes when he saw the tree the first time!*
* To be illustrated in an upcoming post...