Because we're certainly not above bribery:

Should the jolly old man head down our chimmney,
he'll be greeted with:

Homemade sugar cookies, gingerbread men,
and Russian tea cakes, plus some white chocolate
and cinnamon sugar coated pretzels.

To warm his fingers:

A special house blend of whole(!) milk,
shaved chocolate, and just a touch of vanilla.

We didn't forget the furry, four-footed types, either:
A little sumpin' sumpin' for everyone!

Merry Christmas to you who celebrate tomorrow,
Happy Holidays to you who don't,
and a Joyous New Year to everyone!



anne nahm said...

Looks beautiful! Merry Christmas :^)

susan said...

Anne, danke! It tasted pretty wonderful, too. Or so I hear. :)
Hope your Christmas was a Merry one!!

The Curmudgeon said...

Nice of you to think of the reindeer. I hope Santa took some with him when he went back up the chimney!