Big Guy figured out how to save The Video from our palmcorder to the computer, so without further ado, here it is!

*All the image stabilization features in the world can't fix a thumb that hasn't yet mastered the zoom. Dramamine, anyone?
**Oh, and the end? I have no idea what that was all about. So, yeah, sorry. I'm still working on the whole editing thing!
***And apparently I didn't learn from LG's birthday videos not to talk while filming. Sigh. Spielberg I'll never be.
****And now I'm done with the disclaimers. Enjoy the movie!



Jacqueline said...

several mushy and sentimental words come to mind on watching this: precious, adorable, cute, awww, etc. And, not being clever enough to come up with less mushy, though equally meaningful adjectives, I'll stick with those.

Amy Jo said...

Hee! LG is so cute!

Also, I love the taco bell commercial in the background! I've done that on more than one occasion!