2 a day

The "New Year" is quickly slipping into "This Year". Generally by this time of the year I've already given up on my resolutions. This year I didn't make any, so I'm ahead of the game. I am, however, trying to start each day with a new attitude -- taking it day by day as someone brilliant suggested to me recently. My new plan is very simple:

Wake up each morning and find two things to say "Thank you" for.
Simple things. Like Big Guy taking the garbage down to the garage. Or making enough oatmeal for Little Guy and I to enjoy after he goes to work in the morning. Little Guy bringing me his shoes when I get him dressed in the morning. The neighbor clearing the required 30" path on the sidewalk the morning after it (finally!) snowed. Tangible things that I tend to take for granted. And I think it's working. Looking for the good (and remembering what I've found until I can deliver my thanks) has already assuaged many hurt feelings and chased away most* of the morning grumblies.

I'm not big on giving assignments online, but if you'd like to try this out with me, I'd love to hear about it -- if it makes a difference for you and what you found to be thankful for. Thanks for reading! (Heh... one down, one to go!)

*Does not take the place of coffee.



Amy Jo said...

Excellent idea! I shall take your assigment and run with it.

And welcome home! I almost fled to Philly last weekend in a moment of desparation, but then I remembered that you weren't there. I saved a lot of money, at least!

susan said...

Thanks! It's good to be home, for sure. I shall put the key under the mat in case of future desperate moments... won't help your bank account, but sometimes just knowing you have an out is enough to save the sanity!!! Any new news on the house-hunting front?

Lenka said...

Good GIRL!! You must have talked to Jaqu, I hear she's been using a "get happy" technique for a while now. I can attest to the fact that this REALLY makes a difference. I firmly beleive that ATTITUDE really is a DECISION and that we're blessed every day with the opportunity to change our minds!! YOU GO GIRL!!

my WVW is: xlkkudk...hmmm...let's see... if x sounds like z, then... Nope, can't make it work. sorry!!

susan said...

Lenka, it's quite possible that Jack's post was the inspiration... that combined with a few episodes of those feel-good morning talk shows and someone else's discussion of getting happy on the blogosphere! Apparently I need to be hit upside the head a few hundred times before I get the picture.
PS That's exactly why I gave up on the word verification game a long time ago!

Jacqueline said...

wow. I didn't know that I was good enough to be an inspiration to anyone. that's cool! but, I will have to say. It definitely works! Even after a horrible day, I can still find something that was good (even if it was only surviving!) and, just as a tiny testimonial, after a few years of feeling cynical and downtrodden (yep, I said downtrodden), I am beginning to feel like my old self again!! (which is, happy and weird!)