help! i've fallen and can't catch up!

We're, what, 16* days into the new year and it just took me the better part of an hour to catch up on the all the blogs in my blogroll. 57 minutes of clicking, reading, scrolling, back-clicking, and clicking again. Yeah, I timed it. (Well, actually, I'm timing how long Little Guy has been snoozing in his tent -- cross country travel is a killer when you aren't big enough to have the sense to hurl your internal clock to the floor and stomp on it because Pah! I can drink coffee! As much coffee as the little 2 oz pot in the hotel room will spit out! And soda! And sugar! Sugar in my coffee! And lots of cherry flavored sugar in my soda! And the shaking? Just makes the typos typing faster! And more exciting!) The eyes, they burn. If I blink just right, I can still see the image of Second Effort's sidebar in my mind's peripheral. Which brings me to the point. (Yes! A point!) I've been tagged.

Apparently during the two weeks of this brand new year that I spent packing for The Trip (there will probably be some sort of explanation of this in a later post. If not, consider yourself lucky), others out there in the blogosphere have been more conteplative. I tried (for about 15 minutes)to come up with a list of New Year's resolutions goals resignations, um, something related to the New Year. Seeing as I can’t remember the last time I had a complete thought, or at least one that wasn’t interrupted by the need to say “No. No. No. No. No! No! NOOOOOOO!” and then pull little fingers away from Yet Another Electrical Outlet That I Didn't Even Realize Existed or some other such hazard, it's been hard going stringing two thoughts No! No, son, the cat's tail is not a handle. Can you be gentle? Gentle. Gentle. GENTLE! No, banging the cat on the head with your hammer is not gentle. together.

Er, yeah. So as I was saying, this one is being called the “Thinking Meme”. You’ll forgive me if this is a bit choppy, won’t you?

PS In an effort to finally get this finished and posted (*Yes, I DID start this post on the 16th), my responses may or may not be fully explained. Most of you won't care. Those of you who do and can't quite figure out why I answered THAT, drop me a line. I'll get back to you. When, I can't guarantee.

1. If you had to choose one vice in exclusion of all others what would it be?

Coffee. Does that really need any elaboration?
2. If you could change one specific thing about the world what would it be?
Ignorance. I don't mean lack of education. I mean the lazy, "You're different from me and I won't take the time to learn about our differences but will instead classify you as either below me or evil" kind of ignorance that leads to the intolerance or worse.
3. Name the cartoon character you identify with the most.
The Tazmanian Devil's momma. He had one, right? Picking up all the bits and pieces that were left in his wake...
4. If you could live one day in your life over again which one would it be?
January 31, 2005.
Yelling profanities at Big Guy's back as we summited Mt. Kilimanjaro wasn't exactly the high point I was looking forward to.
5. If you could go back in history and spend a day with one person who would it be?
Eleanor Roosevelt
6. What is the one thing you lost, sold or threw away that you wish you could have back?
My mind.
7. What is your one most important contribution to this world?
Heh. How about putting on pants each morning.
8. What is your one hidden talent that nearly no one knows about?
Oh, believe you me, if I had any talent at all it would most certainly not stay hidden!!!!
9. What is your most cherished possession?
My wedding ring.
10. What one person influenced your life the most when growing up?
Excluding my parents, my Aunt Beth.
11. What one word describes you better than any other?
Excitable. A little like a Chihuahua.

There you have it. Crap about me that you didn't already know and probably wish you hadn't wasted your time to find out. Yes, it truly is possible to be that unoriginal!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I'm tagging Amy, Lora, Val, Lenka, Jack, and 'rah. Pick up my slack and make it interesting, ladies!



The Curmudgeon said...

RE: #6.

How much did you get for it?

susan said...

Sigh. A couple of magic beans that turned out to be of the jelly variety. Come to think of it, it was probably a good trade!

The Curmudgeon said...

Yeah, who doesn't want jelly beans?

Jacqueline said...

mmmmmm jelly beans. I espeially like it when you can mix them together to create another flavor. Like Peanut Butter and Jelly or Popcorn and Earwax. Good times.