budget makeover

The sidebar has undergone renovations during my self-imposed break (which, may not be completely over, but things are definitely starting to fall into place. Thanks so much for the emails and the comments -- you make me wish I had a dramatic explanation for my absence. I'll make something up and post that along with the truth and let you take your pick. It'll be an s&n version of those "choose your ending" books that were all the rage when I was in 5th grade. Yeah. Um, where was I? Sidebar, sidebar.), but not to worry. If you were relying on my lovely list of links to get your daily read on, you can still find them here or here or here. And look, there's another one over here! It's a linky-list Easter-egg hunt!*

My early spring cleaning is the result of a combination of things

  • several months of good intentions to dust off my blog roll
  • BlogRolling and Blogger not cooperating with each other
  • my normal inability to believe that anything and everything aren't made instantly better by streamlining and/or some sort of consolidation
  • this post
I still don't totally understand the term "sandboxing" or how it might affect my blog or the blogs of those I link to, but I figure, eh, why not? Let's move the furnishings around a bit to see if we like it any better. If it makes a difference, we'll stick with it. If not, we can always go back. Just make sure you turn on the lights before you try to move around in here. That footstool is a bitch to stub your toe on!

Psst... you can also just click on the text under the sidebar titles to bring up the lists. So you don't have to mark this post or read back through all that up there every time. See, streamlining! Consolidation! If it's not tacked to the floor, it must go!



The Curmudgeon said...

OK, I followed the links because I wanted to find out what "sandboxing" is.

As near as I can figure, by the time you hear the term, you're probably already out of there... unless you're so Internet savvy that you knew about it before setting up a page.

But.... something else to consider for me. Thanks.

susan said...

That's kinda what I got out of it, too. Basically another Vague Blog/Internet Related Snippet of Quasi-Etiquette that may or may not relate to me or the bloggers that I visit/link to on a daily basis.

The upside? Well, it makes it a little easier hide it when the consolidation/streamlining gets a little more agressive and begins sweeping those inactive blogs off the list altogether...

Jacqueline said...

question: do you have your random quotes set to change every so often, or do you change them by hand?

susan said...

Jacq, I have the quotes set up so that RandomQuotes.org displayes a new one each time my page is refreshed. I think I just copied and pasted their "JavaScript" code into the sidebar template.