keepin' it real

Amy tagged me with Kristen's Real Moms meme. In lieu of coming up with a creative excuse for not having captured any "real mom" moments lately, I thought I'd just divert you with this footage from our recent visit from Big Guy's brother and his family.

At the Philly Zoo:

On the ferry back from Liberty Island:

In Central Park:

Oh, and P.S. We also saw him:

and him:

How sweet was he to sit there and pretend like he didn't know we were pretending to not be filming him? If I hadn't already been convinced he was one of the nicest guys on Earth, that clinched it!!!

What do you mean you're done already and where's my meme? Come on, give a girl a minute. It takes time to come up with a post worthy of the company I'm hoping to keep!

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Amy Jo said...

Um, I would totally take a video if I ever saw someone famous!