While confession may be good for the soul, it does nothing for someone with insecurity issues. So, rather than risk keeping it real (read: not using boy for deflection) for longer than 12 hours, here's our weekend in still shots.

Good Friday, indeed!

All gone.


Yep, those look edible.

Sugar kicks in...

Take 'em out, put 'em in, lather, rinse, repeat.

Yeah, but will this piece of grass fall if I drop it?
How about
this one?
This one?
this one?



Amy Jo said...

Oh god, he is getting so grown up. I am getting misty.

susan said...

It's getting harder and harder to get enough hugs in during the day. Partly because he WON'T STOP MOVING, and partly because he keeps doing stuff that makes me forget (momentarily) how huggable he is. Fortunately those moments are a lot like labor pains -- you remember that they weren't any fun, but you'd go through it again in a heartbeat for that sweet little smile to greet you first thing in the morning!

The Curmudgeon said...

A born experimental scientist....

susan said...

Curmy, does that mean I'm headed for this?!!!!