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I've been sitting on these questions for nearly a week, waiting for something brilliant to pop into my head as an intro. Brilliant I can't give you. But Amy went to all the trouble coming up with the questions, so answers I will provide. Here ya go!

1. What was the most romantic thing BG has ever done for you?

This is a toughie. I can provide a list of a million thoughtful things he does -- taking the stroller out of the car when he got called in at 4am this morning, refilling the small bottles of laundry products so that I don't have to go out to the storage before the next load of laundry goes in, putting the next load of laundry in, making breakfast every morning so that it's ready and waiting for LG and me when we stumble down the stairs an hour and a half after he's already left for work, and on and on. There are sweet things, funny things, cute things, gentle and kind things, endearing things. But when it comes right down to it, romantic things are harder to nail down. We're just not the candlelight, soft music, and champagne type people. Our wedding was a civil service. We don't "do" Valentines Day. We treat ourselves to pretty much everything we want as the want strikes, so birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays are generally marked by one or two small packages or a big something for both of us. When it comes right down to it, I'm not even sure how I would define the word "romantic". I'm hesitant to point to any one specific thing for fear that it won't match someone else's definition and they'll come away with the idea that BG doesn't measure up in that category. Given our history (no, not previously discussed here) and how hard I've had to fight to "prove" his merit to my family, that's hard to do. How's that for talking around in circles and still not answering the question?

2. Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes.
This one I can do. In June of 2002 we went on a biking tour of the Loire Valley in France. I spent January - June learning to ride a bike (I never bothered to learn to operate a two wheeler before then -- transportation of the four legged variety was just much more reliable on the county roads that ran past the farm. And yes, I can milk a cow.) Needless to say, peddling 20-40 miles a day was a bit out of my league. On the second day of biking, heat and exertion that I wasn't prepared for caught up with me. That + not being confident enough in my balancing skills to reach for the water bottle on my bike while riding = by the time we reached Chinon, I was overheated, dehydrated, and exhausted. I couldn't cool down. My feet were beginning to suffocate. BG and I walked the short distance to the local shops and found a shoe store. The elderly shopkeeper stuck with us as we stumbled through what little French we knew until she figured out what we needed -- sandals, cheap,lightweight, and airy. It took a few more minutes of thumbing through our phrase book to narrow down my size and work out the price. The walk back to the inn was decidedly more comfortable. The abuse that they took for the rest of the trip should have ripped them to shreds, but they're still my first choice for a quick trip to the mailbox. I just wish I could run in 'em!

3. What fear kept you up at night when you were pregnant with LG? If you've already gone through it (e.g. labor), was it as awful as you anticipated?
From the moment I learned I was pregnant, I read book after book of the "Dr.-Mother-of-What-To-Expect-Bible ilk. Too many, to be exact. So before I got out of the first trimester, I had already come to the conclusion that no matter what, I wasn't going to be able to do this "right". Not too long after LG was born, someone, somewhere, casually made the claim that "normal is whatever you're used to". I don't even think they were talking to me. Probably some very profound half-of-a cell phone conversation that I overheard. But it struck a chord for me. I freak out on a regular basis about, well, everything that I do with LG. A "natural" mother I'm not. But I cling to the idea that no matter what I do, he'll think it's normal. At least until he's big enough to roll his eyes and tell me how totally abnormal I am. Please tell me that doesn't start until after I begin functioning normally again. Lie to me if necessary.

4. What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you during adolescence that you laugh about now?
Ah, my adolescence. Now there's a block of angst. Sophomore year I landed the role of Fastrada in our high school production of Pippin. I was in love with the guy who played the role of Lewis (I was also in love with the guy who played Pippin. I would have had a crush on King Charlemagne, but he was dating my best friend. Hey, I've got my standards.). At one point (at least in our version) Fastrada faints on stage and is pulled off by Lewis. I decided that would be the ideal time to ask "Lewis" to go with me to the prom. He dropped me. And when he recovered from swallowing his tongue, he politely declined. Ha ha ha ha ha....

5. What was the best thing that happened to you yesterday?
As Little Guy and I made our daily trek up to see the doggies at the dog park, he reached up to hold my hand. My heart melted.

Thanks, Amy, that was fun! Hard, but fun. And in turn, I will be happy to come up with 5 questions for any of you who care to play along. Just let me know in the comments or email me at sdotsandnatgmaildotcom.

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SheBear said...

Cool post! I never knew you were crushing on "Lewis"...too funny! I don't even remember his real name, just that he was the son of one of my teachers. And he WAS hot, come to think of it! ;-)

I wonder if it is even possible to be a "natural" mother in this highly artificial society. I guess it is an okay goal to strive for (if indeed you can even define it!) but I think it is a much more worthy goal to become a loving mother.

And on that score, big sis, you have no worries!

I'd let you "meme" me, but I still haven't managed the last one you bestowed upon my poor, neglected blog! ;-) As long as there's no hurry though.... xoxo