note to self:

Sometimes it's really important to use all the words in a sentence to convey the proper meaning. In general:

"What does your peacock look like?"

does not mean the same thing as:
"What does a peacock look like in your world?"

So here's the scene:
Four old very good friends (and one incredibly precocious preteen) sitting around an increasingly heated game of Clue (seriously, who knew there had been so many evolutions of the game since its conception in 1944?). The game begins to run (predictably) long and the participants get progressively giddy. Smack begins to fly. Yours truly catches flack for having chosen the green pawn aka Mr. Green and I in turn give BG a hard time for his choice of the blue pawn aka Mrs. Peacock. At which point the question is raised as to what makes us so sure that the blue pawn is indeed Mrs. Peacock. Jumping at the chance to add a zinger, I opened my mouth intending to ask the second of the two questions above. What came out was the first.

To which He (third clip down) responds "Whoa! Now you're just getting personal." Raucous laughter ensues and would have carried on into the wee hours had Little Miss Thing not piped up "Is there some other meaning for the word "peacock"?" Question is met with a resounding "NO!" on all sides and the four adults are all suddenly very interested in their game notes, no one being prepared to look into those big brown eyes and have a very long, very premature talk. Game is quickly wrapped up. Fin.

(Or it would have been the end of it if BG and I hadn't relived the moment later on that night after we went to bed. Still on an adrenaline high from our near miss of inducting Little Miss Thing into the Adult Conspiracy, the thought "This is so going into my blog!" runs through my head. And in true form, I didn't bother to think through the consequences before unleashing yet another stunning example of my lack of wit on the general masses. Wheeee! Where IS that van with the nice young men in their clean white coats?)



The Curmudgeon said...

Alright. I've looked at this three times now, I think, and I still don't get it.

The Curmudgeon said...

OK. NOW I get it....