oh, just put away your duster already

I'm still here. I'm in that "compose a post, backspace, backspace, backspace, backspace, re-read, backspace, backspace, oh screw it, delete the whole damn thing" phase. Again. Mostly because the one thing I really want NEED to blog about I'm under strict orders from the Grand Overlord of the Evil Empire (via BG) to keep under wraps. The secret blog is working overtime. But, as therapeutic as it is to just get the fuzz out of my head and out *there*, I crave input, feedback and advice. All the stuff I can't get from the shelter of anonymity. So that's where I am. Stuck with too much news that I can't tell and not enough other news to crowd it out of my head. What's a girl to do?


Lora said...

i don't know which i hate more... being out of the loop or not knowing there was a loop to be out of.

bah! we need to catch up, even if you don't tell me all your secrets.

Amy Jo said...

Seriously intrigued down here...hang in there.

susan said...

Lora, no loop. More like a noose. And not the soft, silky kind they sell in some shops. Or so I've heard. But you're right, catching up is absolutely in order!

Amy, definitely hanging in there... see note on noose above. :)