oh yeah. i was supposed to post this stuff

Decided to go through the 87+ folders labeled "Misc" on my computer (NO, I AM NOT NESTING)and came across these pics from LG's first minor league baseball game:

He's not really thirsty. He's just using the sippy cup as a diversion so that the crazy lady* behind him will leave him alone. Lady, please. Peek-a-boo is only funny the first 14 million times.

"No, YOU da man."

And then there are these from the 10 hour road trip to North Carolina. Proof that they do things just a leeettle differently in other parts of the country:
Air Freshener
Pulaski, VA
Yes, that is a thumbtack holding a toilet bowl cleaner to the wall.
And they looked at me like I was the crazy one, taking pictures of the bathroom with my phone.

Speedometer, about 19 miles west of Asheville, NC

Speed limit, about 19 miles west of Asheville, NC

  • No, I wasn't the only car on the road.
  • No, I wasn't the first in line.
  • No, I couldn't switch lanes.
  • No, there weren't more than 4 other vehicles around, none of which were involved in any accident / visible vehicular malfunction.
  • Yes, I was the only one who appeared bothered by the crawl pace at which we were moving.
  • No, I didn't use my horn or flash my lights. I was busy taking pictures.
  • Yes, I took these pictures while driving.
  • No, that wasn't "kind of dangerous". I was going 57. In a 65 zone.

*NOT the lady in the wheelchair. She was actually quite witty. And a big thanks to her for keeping LG entertained in the bottom of the 6th by letting him play with the buttons on her chair. Wherever you are, ma'am, I sincerely hope you've recovered from that sudden bout of motion sickness...



Lora said...

so if you aren't nesting what the heck are you doing? i need to know this secret. is it a house? a job? are you buying a baby from brangelina?

susan said...

Damnit, Jolie, I thought the terms of our agreement were clear. You've really got to learn to control that *big* mouth of yours!