looking over fences

and landing in my own trashtalk...*

Over at Second Effort, this got my blood boiling this afternoon. To the extent that I left the following comment

Simply disgusting. I can't wrap my mind around how people go to sleep at night thinking that bilking the system is somehow okay. That loopholes are an invitation for criminality. Guess that's part of the reason I could never make it in any sort of corporate setting. I just can't acquire the taste for drinking the blood of the people I'd have to mow down and step over on my way to the top.

And left in a lofty puff of holier-than-thou haste. Not ten minutes later, while checking my email, I was greeted with the opportunity to make my voice heard in a local popularity contest poll to rank various companies and their services in the Philly area. The Monster Minders - an entrepreneurial venture that has given us the ability to go out and play for longer than overnight and not risk coming back to a strategically placed hate-bomb of the feline variety squarely in the middle of our bed (no, no, our cat's are anything but subtle)- have been nominated for Philly's HotList (no, not THAT list. I'm not even sure how you get on THAT list. Wicked beat, though. Back to the story... The Monster Minders were nominated for THIS list.) It's a per-vote contest... the one with the most votes wins. One vote per email account.

Well, heaven knows they've made our lives easier. And I'm all for supporting the little guys (think: David in a city of Goliath-sized dog-walking ventures). So I voted. From each of my 4 email accounts.

That bitter taste in my mouth? That would be the bile of the judgementalist, rising up my esophagus to burn the back of my tongue.

I'll go back to my non-confrontational corner now and resume making sure my own nose is clean before I weigh in on the sins of others.

*A poor attempt to paraphrase the sage advice of my grandmother: "Make sure your own backyard is clean before looking over the fence."



The Curmudgeon said...

Actually, what struck me about your response was your assumption: "I could never make it in any sort of corporate setting" -- because of all the amoral types out there, doing anything and everything in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

I don't think that people with consciences should eschew the corporate world: Would we leave every business decision to the Gordon Gekko's of the world? Isn't that why we have lead paint on our children's toys?

It strikes a nerve with me because my Older Daughter, with her B.A. in English, refused to even try to look for a job in Corporate World (even though I'm pretty sure her minor in Spanish would have distinguished her from the run-of-the-mill humanities grads).

Just my unsolicited 2 cents.

(And voting from multiple email accounts is hardly cheating... I mean, the people who set these up know that this will happen, don't you think?)

susan said...

2 cents humbly taken and deposited in the hopes that someday I'll learn to let my brain scan through whatever I've decided to say/type before blundering ahead with shakey assumptions and half-assed conclusions. You're right. If everyone in the business world was as cut-throat and uncaring as I made them out to be... well, I just shudder to think of the result. And to dismiss an entire system as "evil" without considering what changes I might be able to make to it? Selfish. I find myself, again, embarrassed to admit that while I say that I despise the kind of person who would complain about [insert problem here] without considering what he/she could do to change it, I've chosen that very route. I don't like *it*, but instead of looking for a way to effect change, I'll just ignore *it*, dismiss *it*, and complain about why *it* hasn't changed., (My round about way of saying, "Thanks, Curmy!!!" I do so appreciate your insight!)

As BG pointed out, I also dismissed EVERYONE in any type of corporate setting as being of the Mrs. Corey ilk. Including him. And so many other people that I respect, trust, and would be honored to emulate. Leave it to me to not stop with my foot in my mouth until I had swallowed my knee.

As for the expectation of the "organizers" of the poll being that people will use multiple emails, etc. -- does the expectation of exploitation make it right? I don't know. I don't do so well when it comes to arguments/justifications in the gray areas. Too wish-washy... I can see the point on either side. And, no, I'm not comparing a insignificant, non-revenue earning popularity poll to the magnitude of a multi-million dollar scheme to bilk and defraud. But the basic principle still applies, no? The Mrs. Corey's found a loophole that they used to their advantage; so did I. Does the size of the pot matter when it comes to calling the kettle black? And don't even bring up the fact that I'm supposed to be setting an example...