Update: As of 10pm on the 26th (just a little over 24 hours since this was originally posted), the number of hits for this particular post has gone from 39 to 65. I remain truly baffled.

Since I posted this last month, I have had 39 hits on the site from Googlers seeking this. Hmmmm, did I just find the ultimate secret to upping traffic without improving my writing? What gives, dinosaur lovers? I get the feeling I'm missing something important here! If you happen to stop by and stick around for longer than the average 4 seconds, PLEASE leave me a clue in the comments.

Wait, wait. Make that 38 hits since someone in Eugene, Oregon got here because S&N came up #5 in his/her search for "child bearing hips hot". I hate to be the one to break it to you, love, but if that's your thing, the middle age spread is going to send you riiiiiiiight over the edge. Rowr!

Oh, and I'm the #9 result when Googling "monologues on insanity". Which sums it all up quite nicely, don't you think?


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The Curmudgeon said...

I'm the last one to explain the strange ways blog traffic works. I still get a hit almost every day for a post in which I mentioned Thiago Olson -- a kid who built a fusion reactor in his parents' house.

Although -- my commenters assured me -- it was 1930's technology not real world-changing fusion power.