for amy

who asked ever so nicely for pictures of the new domicile...

First, the front door, complete with the fabulous door knocker that BG's brother and wife gave us for Christmas last year.

The first floor is laid out like this:

Walking in through the front door, to the left is the living room

and the dining room on the right.

Directly in front is the waiting room foyer

No, the couch isn't staying there.

with a niche to the right

and hallway to the garage on the left.
Moving clockwise from the lower left hand corner, doorways lead to: downstairs bathroom, coat closet, garage, office, and linen closet that has been re-appropriated to store all the miscellanea that the cats now require.

The 2 1/2 car garage houses the Jeep quite nicely
with plenty of room for Mt. Cardboard and our Things In Which To Transport The Boy collection.
Coming back in from the garage, the door on the left (top right in the picture looking down the hallway above) leads to hell the "optional suite" on the floorplan. If I can ever walk in there without instantly collapsing on the floor in a writhing, gasping, slobbering mass, it will be organized into a nice, neat office space.
For now it represents all that is evil in the world.

Back down the hall to the family room and the black hole BG's Big New Shiny Fancy Ultra Fantastic TV

which faces the kitchen
and the breakfast nook.
What's that? Something funk-tablu-astic over there in the corner caught your eye? Oh, that. That's just my "new" 1950's George Jetson dinette set. Which is simply the most kick-ass place you'll ever set a cup of coffee.
I'm not kidding.
Yes, that is a starburst pattern on it. Yes, the vinyl on the chairs match it. Yes, it is all original, from some estate sale somewhere in New Hampshire. Yes, it rocks.

The boy has a corner for all his downstairs stuff

and has apparently taken to marking his territory.

But I'm not complaining until he marks with more than a sticky handprint!

Here's the mudpit backyard.
Heading back up the stairs, the layout looks like this
To the right, from the top of the stairs is the bonus room.
Because, really, one should be rewarded for so much room with more space.

To the left and down a small hallway (a u-turn from the stairs) is what will be the guest room and bathroom. Currently empty, so not much of a picture. The bathroom is straight ahead; the room is on the right.

Directly behind the hallway leading to the guest quarters and to the right is the laundry room. A whole room for laundry! Look closely and you'll see that all this space for that task alone has not caused any decrease in the amount of time that the clothes sit in the washer/dryer. The ruby red color is a treat, though, when I finally make it in there!
Across the hallway (to the left, for those following along with the floor plan) is LG's playroom
with a Jack-n-Jill bathroom
that leads to his bedroom.
Yes, he's napping. How else do you suppose I have time to take pictures AND get this posted?

Back to the top of the stairs and just a few feet in from the bonus room is the foyer to the master suite.
Dahling, one simply must have a foyer into the master suite. Where else would the butler sleep?

The doorway on the right hand side of the foyer leads to the closet.
Shut up. I know this place is ridiculously big.

The door way to the left leads to the bathroom with a man-drowning whirlpool tub

and his-n-her sinks.
This one is mine. Just trust me, this is the one you wanted to see.

And this is the bedroom. Sans curtains. Which might be why curtains are the first thing to go up on the houses down the hill from us.

Room enough for all of you and the young 'uns, so you'uns just give us'uns a holler when you get to the corner. I'll make sure the vittles is ready and the cornbread is pipin' hot.

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