it's all in the intonation

While driving down the Road Away from the compound house to Somewhere or Another:

LG: Gim*! Gim! Go, go, go Gim!
Me: Kim? You want to go see Miss Kim?
LG: Gim!
Me: Sorry, bubby. We aren't going to Miss Kim's house right now. We got to see her yesterday, didn't we? And who else lives at Miss Kim's house?
LG: No. No gim. Gim. Shaka, shaka gim. Up in da air.
Me: Shaka shaka? Did you shake something at Miss Kim's house? Who did you play with at Miss Kim's house? Who's toys did you play with?
LG: Arghhhhhh. No gim, mama.
Me: Did you play with Caleb at Miss Kim's house?
LG: (Sighs) Caweb. Bwoks. Mi Gim hows.
Me: That's right, bubby. You played with Caleb and his blocks at Miss Kim's house. What else did we do this week?
LG: Gim! Shaka shaka up in da air. Gim!
*Lightbulb flickers*
Me: Gim? Are you saying Kim, bubby? Say Kim.
LG: No Gim, mama. Handas. Shaka shaka up in da air. Gim!
*Lightbulb flashes blindingly*
Me: Gym? You mean when we went to the gym? And played with the parachute? We held the handles and shook it and threw it up in the air? Was that fun?
LG: Gim. Fun. (Stuffs blankie back into his mouth and looks out the window.)

*pronounced with the hard "g". Otherwise I'd just be a total moron.



Jacqueline said...

Personally, I have never understood the difference between so-called "hard" and "soft" consonants. So, you can be pardoned your misunderstanding. :-)

Valerie said...

Ummm... no further comment.