Our microwave displays the message "Enjoy your meal" when you open the door after it has finished its cooking cycle.

It irritates me. To my way of thinking, a cup of tea does not a meal make. Nor does a bowl of peas. And what if I need to melt a tablespoon of butter? The assumption that I'm going to serve melted butter for dinner really bugs me.

Is it wrong that I've begun composing snarky responses in my head as I walk across the room upon hearing the "beep-ba-beep" signal? As long as I don't vocalize, I haven't crossed any lines, right?

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Jacqueline said...

what the hey, vocalize! Go crazy! (not literally). Nothing wrong with yelling at the microwave. Stupid thing should know better....the least it could do is say "Enjoy your now heated product in what ever manner you choose". :-)