on the road again...

LG & I are taking a few days to travel to the Southland, so I'll be MIA for a bit. While that's not much of a change from the status quo of late, it's post worthy because I now have a legitimate excuse for not posting. Sweet, sweet legitimacy.

I'm taking the camera (but, alas, not the laptop), so provided LG takes to his Grandma & Grandpa, I should have plenty of eye candy to post when we get back! Stay tuned...

where i've been

  • Chasing a pint sized Jekyll & Hyde. And, no, that's not the latest thing to do with Vodka. And definitely not something to try in high heels, Vodka or no. Only 9.5 more months before the third birthday... place your bets now on who's still around to blow out the candles!

  • Avoiding the inevitable (translation: ignoring phone calls on my birthday. Because I just didn't feel like mustering up a fake smile and a "Thank-you" for the cheerful voices on the other end of the line when I really felt like reaching through the phone lines to snap their Adam's Apples as they warbled out "Happy Birthday Tooooooo Youuuuuuuu!". If you called, I do truly appreciate the sentiment. Now I do, anyways. On Saturday, not so much.)

  • Running. In addition to the aforementioned "running after" and "running from". Because, damnit, I've got to have something crossed off The List by next February 2nd and a half marathon will do quite nicely.

  • Scheming. Well, actually, putting into action a scheme that was in the developing stages before we got the word we were leaving Philadelphia. A few of my more forgiving friends took pity on me and brought their kiddos over last Friday afternoon for a couple of hours.

  • Exploring our new community. We called this area home from 97 - 03, but our nearly 5-year absence makes us newbies all over again. Everything is (more or less) right where we left it, but it's all taken on a slightly different hue. Largely, I'm sure, due to the fact that the rose-coloring in my glasses have aged since we left -- in the almost 5 years since we left here we've traveled a fair bit internationally, lived in two distinctly different regions of the country, and embarked on the thrill ride known as parenthood. Simple things like story hour at the local library have gone from being "something that might be fun to participate in because ohmigod, you get to read stories to all those cute little kids!" to "praise be to all that is holy that it's Wednesday again and only a half hour to go until he's looking at someone else as his source of entertainment". And the park is no longer a date destination. Unless by "date" you mean "every morning" and the only reason you're taking that blanket along is to wipe the rain off the slides. There will be no sitting, my friend. And then there are those little differences that I probably wouldn't have ever noticed if I hadn't started playing "mommy" in one place and changed to another time zone just when I was starting to get a handle on the role. For instance, everyone here has a backyard. Um, okay, you're saying. Except that my momming experiences have not included such a space prior to moving here. It's not so much the fact that we now have a backyard that is throwing me off -- it's not like the mud and weeds need any particular attention. It's that other people have backyards. And they use them. Almost exclusively. On any given day of the week, at almost any given time, we can visit either of the fantastic parks nearby and have exclusive run of the place. The park was where I used to go to pick up mommies network, so I'm really having to work much harder for my daily doses of adult conversation these days.
.(blinking blankly at the screen)

Did you ever find yourself mid-sentence and realize you have no earthly clue where you started and what the point you were trying to make was? Hi! That's where this post has just gone! I could be pragmatic and opt to "save now" rather than "publish post", but what fun would that be? I'm going to risk it all on the possibility that I just need to start pushing some words out to clear out this blockage.