an open apology to anyone on my speed dial

LG has discovered that pushing specific combinations of buttons on the phone frequently has the satisfactory result of connecting to something other than a dial tone. Fortunately his patience doesn't generally extend to dialing all the digits necessary to make a call nor has he learned the combination "911"... yet. The push-talk-and-then-hold-down-a-key-for- two-or-so-seconds combination, however, is riiiiiiight up his alley. So if your caller id alerts you to an incoming call from me and upon answering you hear "ENON PUSHIN' DA BUTTONS, I TALKIN' ON DA TEFAFONE, TURN DA LIGHTS ON, NO TURNIN' DA LIGHTS OFF, I SEE MUCH BETTER", please don't leap to the conclusion that my therapy isn't working and I've finally succumbed and let Lil' Mike take over as my principal personality. Also, don't assume that if you don't get such a call in the near future that you didn't make the speed dial list. It's not like that at all. It just means he hasn't yet moved on from his infatuation with the number 8.

Sorry, Magen!


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