runnin' like a girl

Just got this in my inbox:

Which means that on Sunday, October 19, 2008 , I (along with my sucker sister who simply can't turn down a dare, especially if you preface it with anything to do with "double dog". And 20,000 of our closest friends.) will shuffle to the start area sometime between the ungodly hours of 4:30am when it opens and 7:00 when the race begins, then voluntarily run for 13.1 miles before stopping just the other side of the finish line to puke on the shoes of some hottie hot hot fireman in a tuxedo as he hands me a little blue finisher's box. Yeah, I know you're jealous.



Rich Kraus said...

What if it's a female firefighter.
I feel left out that we're not on you're speed dial.

susan said...

Hi, Richard! I'm sure Magen would be willing to give up her spot after her 7:30 wakeup call last Saturday morning! I'll ask her if you want me to...

Male, female, I'm guessing that ANYONE at the finish line is going to be looking pretty good to me. If for no other reason than they're standing at the finish line which means I'M DONE! But you're right, I shouldn't have just assumed... :)

Jacqueline said...

Waaaaaaiiiii-haaiitt a minute. you said NOTHING about 4-stinkin'-30 in the morning when you brought up this idea of insanity. I could say no to even a TRIPLE DOG DARE if it involves not only waking up, but GETTING up before even GOD has had his morning cup of joe.

I'm a middle schooler at heart. Not a MORON!!!

Jacqueline said...

but now that I've thought on it. As long as mine is a MALE fireman in a tux, it MIGHT make 4:30 bearable.


if he's cute.

and young.

and single.