maui beach hotel: not a trip to paradise

Here's the quick version of why we would NOT recommend staying at the Maui Beach Hotel. Ever.

First, the minor irritations:

  • We arrived well after check-in, but our room was not ready for us. Which may not see like a big deal, but please remember we were traveling with a now sleep-deprived, empty-stomached 2 year old who had just barfed all over me. A nap and a shower were long over due, making the extra 20 minute wait interminable.
  • When we were eventually given a room, we were taken aback to discover that the bathroom had no door on it. We could only surmise that in order to make the room ADA compliant, they had removed the door and widened the doorway.
  • Not only was there no door, but the toilet was fully visible from the outside door to the room. We didn't realize what a inconvenience this would be until I left the room for ice and had to knock to verify that no one was using the facilities to re-enter the room.
And it gets worse:
  • After one use of the toilet, it backed up and despite our calls to the front desk for maintenance, it remained unusable for the duration of our stay. Thankfully LG is neither potty-trained nor a toilet splasher.
  • The carpeting in the room was filthy -- sticky to the touch and I was disgusted to find the bottoms of my feet were blackened after walking across the floor just enough to move our suitcases from near the door to a location nearer the bed. The filthy water in the bottom of the shower after I washed my feet off was all we needed to convince us to grab shoes before letting our feet hit the floor.
The (not) icing on the (not) cake:
  • Our room was described as having a queen-sized bed. A standard queen sized bed (60"wide x 80" long) should be more than adequate in length to support BG's 6'1" frame. In fact, we comfortably share a queen-sized bed at home. At 5'6", my toes were startled to find the end of the bed. BG had to choose between his head or ankles hanging off the edge of the bed. We were both thankful when LG's internal clock cut our night short. We were up, packed, and checked out of the hotel by 6:30 am.
  • Our frustrations and criticisms of the room upon check-out were met with a response of "Well, that's your opinion."
All in all, a thoroughly unpleasant experience. We certainly would not stay there again, nor would we recommend it to anyone else.


Amy Jo said...

Um, that sucks!

Jacqueline said...

yeah, totally sucks. You should email a link of this post to them so that they know you're telling the world not to stay there. :-)

I'm glad there were no cats.

susan said...

Jacque, I plan to review their property on as many "travelocity" type sites as have "write-a-review" options. Behold the power of the internet.

SirvonRohr said...

Just call that little gnome dude for backup!

annenahm said...

Oh that sucks! Thank you for the warning.