this post brought to you by the letters k & y

I have an uncanny knack for reaching for the exact same item at the exact same time as a fellow shopper. Grocery store, shoe shop, you name it. If you happen to be on the same aisle as me, chances are good that I'm going to make a grab for "your" box of Easy-Mac. Usually I'll make light of the situation, quip something along the lines of "smart and good-looking" or "hey, that's my favorite, too" and then give the other person the right-of-way. Even if it means they get the very last box.


There is no such thing as light-hearted small talk over a shared preference when the product in question is of an, ahem, intimate and personal nature. Thankfully, the shelves were well stocked and I correctly identified his target before our hands intersected. Making him cry in front of his wife and kid would have just been awkward for all of us.



Lenka said...

HE and I have this theory that if we were standing over a pile of dung, someone would come stand in our back pockets just to see what it was and THEN ask to stir it.

... and WHY is it ALWAYS a GUY? Condoms, Tampons, Monistat... it doesn't matter, it's always a guy who seems to be standing RIGHT THERE!!

Jacqueline said...

which reminds me of a weird and creepy conversation with mom and dad, while trapped in a car going 75 mph down the interstate.