um, okay then. thanks, i think.

A late night trip to the grocery store last night (don't ask) found me virtually alone in the store and free to scan the ketchup/mustard/salad dressing aisle without fear of anything else being pulled randomly off the shelves and a) tossed into the back of the cart to be discovered upon reaching the checkout or b) dropped upon the floor, followed by the inevitable "clean up on aisle 6" over the loudspeaker. On a mission, I was, for a new basalmic vinaigrette salad dressing. "Something fruit based, but not raspberry."

When I said as much to the pubescent lad who had, undoubtedly, drawn the short straw in "who has to go ask the crazy lady shopping for salad dressing at 10:00 at night if she needs help", he politely responded, "Wow. That's strangely specific, yet not enough that I can actually help you."

To his credit, he looked sincerely apologetic as he turned on his heel and walked away.


here we go again...

2008 has turned into the year that I did nothing other than pack, unpack, and do laundry so that I could get packed again. I'm blaming all the time on the road for my inability to string enough coherent thoughts together to post more than two or three times in a row. It's probably more of a "not enough coherent thoughts to string together" issue rather than a "not enough time to sit down and type out coherent thought strings" issue, but that's something for discussion on another blog forum. At any rate, LG and I are taking to the friendly skies again and will be somewhat incommunicado for a week. Which isn't really that big of a deal since my communication skills over the past 9 months have been dismal at best. I just thought you might like to know...

Edited to add: Wow. I've started recycling my old posts. Maybe I'll actually follow through on posting some pictures this time. Don't hold your breath.