um, okay then. thanks, i think.

A late night trip to the grocery store last night (don't ask) found me virtually alone in the store and free to scan the ketchup/mustard/salad dressing aisle without fear of anything else being pulled randomly off the shelves and a) tossed into the back of the cart to be discovered upon reaching the checkout or b) dropped upon the floor, followed by the inevitable "clean up on aisle 6" over the loudspeaker. On a mission, I was, for a new basalmic vinaigrette salad dressing. "Something fruit based, but not raspberry."

When I said as much to the pubescent lad who had, undoubtedly, drawn the short straw in "who has to go ask the crazy lady shopping for salad dressing at 10:00 at night if she needs help", he politely responded, "Wow. That's strangely specific, yet not enough that I can actually help you."

To his credit, he looked sincerely apologetic as he turned on his heel and walked away.



SheBear said...

Wise ass. I hope you ran your shopping cart onto his heels! :D

However, I may be able to help you where he could not: Newman's Own makes a Cranberry Walnut dressing that is awesome! Yum!

susan said...

LOL, that's exactly what I wound up getting. That, and a bottle of "Strawberry Basalmic" from Maple Grove Farm. Delish over a spinach leaf, sliced strawberry, walnut salad.