There's a simple reason that I haven't been good about posting on a daily basis in the past: My life is not interesting enough to post about on a daily basis. Take, for example, this weekend. Two whole days with all three of us at home and it can all be summed up in less than 5 minutes.

BG ran (16 miles. Because his brain is made out of froot-loops).
Did some grocery shopping.
Straightened up the house / threw some stuff on the grill before some of BG's co-workers got here to watch football (USC vs Ohio State... snore...)
Pretended to watch football.
Went out for a (short) run. (2.25 miles. Because it was only 8:00 and it didn't make sense to go to bed yet, but I didn't want to do dishes, either.)
Went to bed.

9.5 mile run for me.
Showered, lunched, and passed out on the couch.
Woke up, did some chores.
Watched some crap TV.
Went to bed.

I feel like I should at least have an opinion on something or a cute quip to share.
Nope. I got nothing.

Were it not for the boy, I'd pull the covers back up over my head and wait for Tuesday. He, unfortunately, seems to think that's an invitation to play "hide-n-seek" which involves not so much the hiding nor the seeking, but lots and lots of jumping on the covered up parts and then tickling (read: gouging and poking) any parts that become exposed as a result of said jumping. Good times.

Mondays suck.


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Anonymous said...

No opinions? Call me I have way more than my share. I'd be happy to give you some!~Lora