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Yesterday was spent getting ready for this, followed by the first ever West Coast edition of the Spaghetti Club (name changed to protect those that don't wish to be affiliated with this website the innocent). It all went off without a hitch -- no blood drawn, no fires set, and as far as I know, everyone got at least one bite to eat while the sauce was still warm. No pictures, of course, but that's probably just as well since I haven't actually announced to everyone in the 'hood that I have this little (eight) blog(s) and that at any given minute their interactions with (or without) me are subject to being posted on the WWW. Pictures of other peoples kids, cute or no, bring up the question of whether or not it's necessary to get permission prior to posting (answer: probably. I don't want the responsibility of outing anyone in the Witness Protection Program, 4th of July parade pictures notwithstanding.), which invariably leads to some sort of explanation involving the words "Well, there are a fair number of my online friends who choose to not use their real names. No, no, I've never actually met her in person. Well, yes, I suppose "she" could actually live in a small cabin in the woods in Montana..."Ellipses marks the uncomfortable silence that signals the beginning of everyone gathering up their things and making excuses to leave. Never to return again.

Ahem. So no pictures, but (we?)I had a great time. Here's the deal, though. 3 hours of entertaining (split evenly between the activities and the eating) = 2 days worth of preparation. I'm hopeful that the prep time will go down now that I kind of have an idea of what to expect (more of that, less of that, that wasn't even touched...), but damn! I'm exhausted!

This is shaping up to be a 4 cup (of coffee) morning. And none of that half-caff crap, either. I'm pulling out the good beans, baby.


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