"Come on, son, you need to get your shoes on."
"Um, inna minnit."
"No, let's do it now. Then you're ready to go out and play when C gets here."
"Um. No, not today. I haffa wait til mine friend comes home."
"C's already on his way. Let's get your shoes on before he gets here."
"I don't fink so. I haffa wait til mine udder friend comes a mine house. C comes a mine house, den I pway outside."
"But you need your shoes on before you play outside."
"Um. Wats dat, Mommy?"
"That's your shoe, Boog."
"Dat's mine shoe, Mommy. No mine sandal."
"Yep. We're going to wear shoes today. It's too cool for your sandals this morning. Let's get your shoes on so you're all ready to play when C gets here."
"Um. I don't want to. I haffa wait til mine friend come a our house."
"Well, C will be here in just a minute. Here we go. Shoes on now."
"Um. Lemme fink."
"Okay. While you're thinking, put your feet over here."
...(putting shoes on feet)...
"Tie mine shoes, Mommy. Tie mine shoes and den I getta jelly bean."
"Okay, Boog, I'm tying... what? Who said anything about jelly beans?"
"Sigh. I haffa wait til mine friend come a mine house. Den I getta jelly bean. Okay, Mommy?"
"Whatever. I'm giving jelly beans to a two year old before breakfast for the honor of tying his shoes."



Lora said...

"I don't think so" and "Let me think" must be on one of the shows we put those boys in front of when we need to go get something done in the other room, because it comes out of Jake's mouth a lot too!

I used to have a book called Jellybeans for Breakfast. I'm looking to see if I still have it and am sending it to you.

Amy Jo said...

Sam often requests M&Ms first thing in the morning. Especially right after my parents visit. Hmmm, is there a connection?

SheBear said...

I thought you knew you aren't supposed to negotiate with terrorists? ;-)

Y'know, his logic is impeccable....and persistent. I am SO going to use the "lemme fink" tactic from now on:

dh: "honey, after the kids are in bed, ya wanna *wink, wink*?"

me: "Um. lemme fink."