pictures! pictures! pictures!

No, not from the festivities. We went over that. Here, instead, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you

Mr. Smith Helps with the Laundry:

When I suggested that his underwear could hang on the other side of the dresser? He gave me a look of the purest disdain. In what universe could that possibly be appropriate? The greatest artist are always so misunderstood. Then he reached for the camera and took this shot

Chaussette dans le Profil :

Captivating, yet vaguely obscene.

Even better than sock portraiture, though, is the bliss of having gone from this:
to this:
Ta-Da!!! I have a backyard!

With grass!

And a firepit!

And a new walk-way up to the front door!

Where they added a new patio!

I've only ever had a crush on two blondes in my whole entire life. The first, Stacey, was a lifeguard at the city pool where we took swimming lessons summer after summer. It was so worth the 45 minute ride on the school bus with that hot green vinyl stuck to the back of your legs just to watch him shake the water droplets from his straight-to-Utah-by-way-of-California surfer do. Of course, the regularity with which he had to shake said droplets from his hair might very well be the reason that I didn't actually learn to swim until I was 25. The second? Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly K-E-L-L-Y* who's rippling biceps wielded the mallet that put all these pavers in place and created my little piece of heaven. Sorry, no pictures of that...

*If you got that reference without clicking through, then you're either older than you've been pretending to be, or you have been spending entirely too much time watching Nick-at-Night. Heh. Me, too!



Jori said...

I am envious of your yard!

Lora said...

I love boys with girls' names.

I don't love creepy spambots (I'm doubting those are your friends)

I love the yard.

I don't love that I was totally expecting pics of the boy but there weren't any.

I love you!

I don't love that you are cross-county.

susan said...

At first I thought maybe I had happened upon a well kept secret for upping my traffic -- sock portraits! Alas, it was just another attack 'o spam. And I didn't feel the least bit guilty deleting each and everyone of those comments. Okay, so the one with the gambling username whose comment simply said "help me" gave me pause, but then I got pelted in the forehead with a chicken nugget and realized if I couldn't help myself, I had very little chance of helping anyone else.

Pictures of the boy next time. Even if I have to wedge him under something to get him to sit still long enough for this artifact of a camera to capture his wriggling image.

Jacqueline said...

your backyard looks great!