under the wire

Squeaking this entry in so that I still have the potential to have posted 4 out of 5 days this week.

Quickly, now, the top 5 reasons I've had a hard time coming up with worthwhile posts this week:

  1. The roommate experiment has begun. And I'll just leave it at that.
  2. I've been scouring Craigslist and local mommy-type websites for possible fill-ins for Daycare-gate. So far I've tried our local TotDrop (meh. Nothing wrong with it, it just didn't give me that warm, cozy, this-is-it feeling that I was hoping for.) and today I did a meet-and-greet interview thingy at a in-home daycare that is pretty similar to the TotDrop concept (meaning: she takes 'em on a drop-in basis and charges by the hour). Again, meh. I was beyond excited when I talked to her on the phone to set the whole thing up, but something just didn't click today. We're going to give it a try next Tuesday on the off chance that my less than fabulous reaction had something to do with this cold that decided to kick my butt last night.
  3. I hab a cowb. Or something like that. Whatever it is, it moved into my sinuses last night and unpacked as if it means to stay. Today it took a little day trip into my throat and as I type it's making plans to explore the yet-unstuffed regions known as my ears. Colds suck. Colds when you're the concierge of entertainment for an almost three-year-old make you realize exactly what your parents were trying to tell you when they told you that one day you would regret whatever it was that you had just done. And by that I mean anything remotely leading to the possibility of having sex.
  4. I've also been scouring the WWW for snack ideas to post with my latest WeSchool theme. Call me picky, but I was kinda hoping for something a little more creative than "take a square piece of food, turn it so that two of its points are at the top and bottom, add something vaguely string-like to the bottom and loudly proclaim that it is a kite cookie / sandwich." Anyone? Anyone?
  5. We've been preparing for our 11-month walk through of the house. I know. I almost choked when she called to set up the appointment and realized that I couldn't argue with her that we hadn't actually been here for 11 months yet. We have. Shortest, yet longest year of my life to date, I think. And so there were hairline cracks in the stucco to note, sagging hinges to point out, and various and sundry other details to go over so that we can get 'em fixed while they're still under warrenty so someone else has to figure out who exactly you call to take care of something like that. Yes, we could probably take care of most of it ourselves, but that would require a trip to Home Depot, and that, my friends, is a trip I'd just rather not take.

Back tomorrow, hopefully, with a better post and maybe even some pictures for Lora. That is, if I can figure out what the crap the boy did to the camera to lock the lens in the "open, but not seeing anything" position. I'm betting on "no". Any recommendations on what to look for in a new camera?


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Lora said...

I spent forever and ever researching new cameras, and then decided on a $125 Insert Brand Here one from Target last minute. The boy is all over my camera, and I would rather him break something that doesn't cost more than my pinky finger. BUT, I still need to get a memory card for the thing because it didn't come with one so I can't say whether I love it or not. I think it is a Nikon. I'm not sure. It's red. And available at Target.

Oh, and my new drug of choice is Mucinex. It is expensive as all get out but it works. Worth every penny. I recommend the max. strength stuff because it turns out to be cheaper than the regular stuff. And they advise you to take 2 regular pills per dose and only one max pill. The only problem is the horse-pill-ishness of the max st. and it tastes AWFUL. Pills should be coated in sugar gelatin, imho.