beg your pardon?

On the ride home today:

"Whatcha thinking 'bout, baby?"
"Mmm, hmmmmm. I finkin' 'bout da moon an da sunshine."
"Wow, the moon and the sunshine? What are you thinking about the moon and the sunshine?"
"I finkin' 'bout da moon an da sunshine outside."
"Oh? Tell me some more."
"I just finkin' 'bout da moon and da sunshine up up in da air. You unnerstan, Mommy?"
"The moon and the sunshine are up in the air?"
"Sigh. You unnerstan, Mommy? You unnerstan?"
"Do I understand what, baby?"
"Sigh. Nebermind."

And here I thought I had a few more years to lose all vestiges of intelligence in his eyes.


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Lora said...

gahhh, you just don't get it at all, do you?