proud to be a girl

By my calculations, I crossed the finish line in 2:41:do the seconds really matter? The actual results haven't been posted yet. My knee is a bit swollen, but it coordinates quite nicely with the opposite ankle which hasn't yet reached the PR for circumference that it set during my pregnancy. Am seriously debating whether or not LG would enjoy the opportunity to go to Miss Nicole's house 2 days this week! Still not quite sure what I'm going to do with all the time I will now have on my hands that was allotted to running in preparation... perhaps more regular posting? C'mon, we all saw how long that lasted last time...

I'll leave you with a few more race shots. Please be kind. Remember I was running.

I might be the one in just behind the chick in the red/pink shirt on the far right side. Or that could some random dude. It's all good.

Me at mile almost 4. I'm actually waving to the camera, though if I had known I looked like that, I might have tried to cover my face better. Or my ass. But I'd need bigger hands for that.

Coming up on the turn just before mile 9.

Still just before mile 9. Don't let the smile fool you. I had just come down the hell hill at mile 7 and had forgotten that it's twin started just past the water and Luna Moons at mile 9. PS Luna Moons? Ick.

The big finish. I felt strong until I looked over and saw the Chatty Kathy's walking to my right. Biotches. But biotches for a good cause so I'll forgive them. Plus, they gave me the motivation I needed to finish strong. No way I was coming in running behind two walkers! PS Miss Portland Marathon in the front? Thanks for keeping a steady pace for the last two miles. Your blue shirt was like a pink and blue beacon of hope, girl!

I'll take 'em and make it look effortless in the process.

The End! And a couple of bagels just in case I managed to run part of my end off. Just wouldn't be right to come away from this experience with a lasting effect like being a size smaller.



Amy Jo said...


SirvonRohr said...

Great Job! Wish I had half of your motivation. BTW I am sad that just Stacy got to visit. She had a blast and we wish you guys lived closer.


Jacqueline said...

you rock! I can't believe that a) you're actually smiling and b) you're actually smiling!

That's insanity, dude. Go you!

Jori said...

What's up with the alien blankets? Obviously I'm not a runner, more of a couch surfer...

susan said...

Thanks, all of you! It was an amazing experience!!

Jori, LOL! Did you notice the matching shoes and cups of kool-aid, too? :) The blankets are just to provide a layer to hold in your body heat so that your sweat-soaked body doesn't chill after you stop working so hard. It takes a while to cool down after crossing the finish line (some longer than others, hence some people walking around in their shiny blankets whilst others are unprotected from the elements), but when you do, your body is so tired from all the exertion that it isn't very efficient at warming you back up. And then you get sick and die. (I kid, I kid.) See, now, isn't running fun?