two things

Go read this.

Then this.

Then think about what you've read / heard (I hope you took time to listen) as you go through the next few days. Try to see the person behind the people you interact with. Think about the shoes they have to fill day in and day out. Maybe even hold the door for them. You don't know the circumstances that got them to where they are any more than they know what got you to where you are. Perhaps a little compassion, a little patience, a little human decency is in order. That extra 30 seconds that you give out of your day to let someone in line ahead of you -- what does it really cost you? If you're running late, what's another 30 seconds? If you're on time, will anyone notice a half a minute? If you're early, give yourself the gift of spending that extra time wisely. Is there really anything more important than another human being?


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Lora said...

As I have been stepping into my role as "real live grown up" these past few years, I've caught myself feeling 13 on many more occasions than I care to admit. It always amazes me when someone tells me I'm good enough or smart enough or gosh darnnit people like me.