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I don't expect Obama to do everything he proposes in the next four years. I don't really want him too. That's an awful lot. But if he can pull off paving the way for change I will consider his presidency a success. I am more than willing to make little sacrifices over the next few years if it means my child won't have to suffer or struggle when he is old enough to realize what is going on outside his front door.
I didn't take LG with me to the polls yesterday as I had intended. I could barely pull my head off my pillow for most of the day. I wish I had sent him with his father, to give him the gift of being part of something so monumental. But I was thankful that I had decided to mail in my ballot last week so that I could count my vote amongst the millions of happy, hopeful people who woke this morning with the sweet aftertaste of victory on their tongues.


Even just the suggestion of change. Even if the suggestion is only enough to make people think about change. If old stereotypes and prejudices are examined, even momentarily, even if they are picked back up and hidden behind again, even then, this change will have been worthwhile. Each question will weaken the status quo, each scrutiny will uncover some hole in its armor and eventually it will crumble, leaving behind it room for new, healthy growth.

Another brilliant writer reminded me of why this feels so important, so much more than any other election I've been a part of
Like him or don’t, agree with him or don’t. Despise his politics and fight to get him out, but celebrate. Because a man born into a segregated America in which black people were systematically denied the vote in ten states today was elected president of them all.

I am so proud to have been a part of this, however small.


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Lora said...

Now I've been called a few choice "b" words in my day but this is the first time I've heard brilliant! Thanks, lady.